Senator Ron Johnson is sounding the alarm about election interference at the FBI and DOJ

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The weaponization of the federal bureaucracy against political opponents has turned into a powerful political issue.

Conservatives have decried the two-tiered system of justice.

And now Senator Ron Johnson is sounding the alarm about election interference at the FBI and DOJ.

During an appearance on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures, Ron Johnson decried the Justice Department’s prosecution of former President Donald Trump as interference in the 2024 Presidential election.

Johnson pointed out their involvement in the past two Presidential elections and called the recent events a continuation of what happened in 2016 and 2020.

A political prosecution

“Well, when you consider the exoneration of Hillary Clinton, when you consider the fraudulent and corrupt investigation on Russian collusion, which was a complete lie, and the FBI knew it was, you put all these things together, the FBI, Department of Justice interfered in the 2016 election, in the 2020 election,” Johnson said. “And here we go again,” he continued. “They’re going to be interfering in the 2024 election. They already have. What a mess. Obviously, President Trump’s going to have an ability to defend himself. But will he be able to defend himself quickly? Or is this going to drag on and on and on?”

He then slammed the department’s slow walking of the case against Hunter Biden.

“So it’s hard not to be suspicious of what the Department of Justice is doing once again,” Johnson continued. “As you mentioned, the investigation of Hunter Biden has been dragging on for years. They’re able to wrap up this investigation very rapidly. In addition, they announced it pretty much the same day when the details of the FBI human — confidential human source is going to be revealed by members of Congress. And I won’t steal the Congresswoman’s thunder here. But it’s all suspicious. And it’s just a horrible mess.”

Strength in numbers

Johnson is not alone in his opinion that Trump is being unfairly targeted.

On Tuesday, Senator JD Vance (R-OH) vowed to place a hold on all DOJ nominees “until Merrick Garland stops using his agency to harass Joe Biden’s political opponents.”

“I’ve heard from a lot of people who are upset just like I am that Merrick Garland has used his office for politics instead of law and I think it’s time that we stop whining about this problem and debating about this problem and actually do something about it,” Vance said. “If Merrick Garland wants to use these officials to harass Joe Biden’s political opponents, we will grind his department to a halt.”

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