Serious errors in a proposed Constitutional Amendment could leave leftists seething with rage in this state

The Supreme Court overturning Roe and Casey sent leftists into a frenzy.

Democrat activists hit the streets, determined to do anything they could to protect their ability to end the lives of unborn children. 

But serious errors in a proposed Constitutional Amendment could leave leftists seething with rage in this state.

You’d think a group that spends over $6 million dollars to push a petition drive that they would at least double check their work before circulating the petition.

But now that more than 730,000 signatures have been gathered, it’s been discovered that glaring errors exist in the petition language, potentially dooming Democrats’ top priority. 

Michigan’s “Anything Goes Abortion” Amendment Riddled with Errors

According to the Detroit News, a group that opposes the so-called “Reproductive Freedom for All” ballot measure discovered 43 serious issues “that would become part of the state’s constitution” should the ballot measure be approved by a majority of Michigan voters this fall.

The group Citizens to Support MI Women and Children is in the process of running a public relations campaign to bring attention to the issue ahead of the abortion amendment coming before the State Board of Canvassers for approval on August 31. 

In addition to the 43 serious issues identified by the group, which most are just simply a lack of spacing that render sentences of the proposal to complete gibberish, is the fact that the language that was actually circulated by the pro-abortion group was not actually the language approved by the Board of Canvassers.

Somehow the errors were missed by not only the amendment supporters, but also the more than 730,000 signers, which include high profile Democrats like Governor Gretchen Whitmer and Attorney General Dana Nessel.

Or perhaps they didn’t care or thought they’d get away with it. 

(More on that in a little bit)

Abortion amendment “creates an unambiguous right for minors to seek abortions”

The “Reproductive Freedom for All” is easily one of the most radical pro-abortion proposals in our nation. 

It would essentially create an absolute right of abortion-on-demand up until, and perhaps even after, birth.

It would prohibit the state from investigating potential violations of the law if it can somehow be relegated as a legal abortion under state law, which is wide open interpretation.

A recent case out of Nebraska where a mother was arrested for helping perform an abortion on her six-month pregnant 17-year-old daughter and where they first tried to “burn the evidence” and bury the body would likely be legal, or at least very difficult to prosecute, if this proposal were to pass in Michigan.

The amendment also, as reported by the Detroit Free Press, creates “an unambiguous right for minors to seek an abortion,” even going as far to gut the parental consent laws already on the books.

Parental permission for a dental procedure? 


Parental permission to perform an abortion on a child? 


And that doesn’t even begin to cover the fact that practically anyone who can be classified as a “healthcare professional” would be legally authorized to prescribe or perform an abortion for any reason.

This proposal makes even socialist European nations with legal abortion blush, as most of them are much more restrictive than this leftist proposal.

Do the errors even matter?

Political insiders in Michigan have seen ballot proposals tossed off the ballot for less, but as we know far too well, not every ballot measure is created equally.

The amount of left-wing money and fervor behind this “anything goes abortion” amendment may be enough to scare the political establishment into just signing off on it, the rule of law be damned.

It wasn’t that long ago that the Michigan Supreme Court shirked its responsibility to protect the State Constitution from an overly convoluted Constitutional amendment that had no business going before the voters.

But the MI Supreme Court shrugged its shoulders and basically said that it should be up for the voters to decide if it is Constitutional or not.

Don’t give up hope

It’s easy for political observers to become overly cynical when we’ve seen the other side cheat to win time and time again, but we must also be of the mind that the Lord can use anything to achieve His victory.

Is it possible that this radical abortion amendment is doomed for the trash bin of history because of a failure to proofread? 

Yes, it is entirely possible, and it is what we should pray for.

But conservatives must also be prepared to take the battle to end abortion to the ballot box if need be. 

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