Shocking undercover video exposed this state’s Democrat Senate candidate making racist statements

Democrats are constantly calling anyone in the America First movement racist and xenophobic.

Conservatives have often pointed back to the Left’s obsession with race and identity politics.

Now shocking undercover video exposed this state’s Democrat Senate candidate making racist statements.

Looking out for “working folks” and people “from backgrounds like hers”

Krystle Matthews is on the November ballot to represent the U.S. Senate in South Carolina and she already holds a seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives. 

Her website describes her as someone who wants, “to represent working folks that may not have been groomed or versed in politics but were very much frustrated with the current political climate.”

She’s not talking about the corruption or the attack on our Constitutional freedoms though.

Like most woke socialists, she’s concerned with racial identity politics. 

Matthews claims she “was inspired to run for office because she believes that people who look like her and come from backgrounds like hers are often affected the most and heard the least.”

Party members calling for her to drop out of race

Now she’s making headlines for making racially inflammatory statements about white people.

In a recent expose by Project Veritas, Matthews described the way she treats white people close to her.

“You gotta treat them like ****. I mean, that’s the only way they’ll respect you. I keep them right here — like under my thumbs. That’s where I keep — like, you have to. Otherwise, they get out of control — like kids,” Matthews said.

She also called out Bernie Sanders in the audio recording, “That was my problem with Bernie, because he was talking to an all-black crowd, and he was afraid to say black ****.” 

Bernie isn’t pro-black enough for Krystle Matthews.

Fearing her toxic comments may hurt down-ballot candidates, Matthews came under fire from other Democrat candidates in her state – calling for her to drop out.

Joe Cunningham, the Democrat candidate for Governor said, “The Democratic Party cannot and should not tolerate such behavior from our elected officials and candidates and we must be consistent in calling out prejudice and hateful comments wherever it exists.”

Disgusted by “black legislators” on the Republican side, too

She defended herself in a statement released, “While taking community pictures and kissing our babies, our favorite legislators wash their hands and sweep our community needs under the rug. What would you call that? I call that SH**, and my mother raised me to treat something exactly as it is! So, when I stated to that undercover journalist . . .’ to treat these MAGA Republicans like SH**.’ I SAID WHAT I SAID!”

She proceeded to say that she has “no biases toward a certain ethnic group” and that she is disgusted by “black legislators who exhibit the same hypocrisy as MAGA Republicans.”

Then she went on to reference the first time she was targeted by Project Veritas stating, “Make no mistake when I said we have to fight fires with fire . . . and send sleepers to infiltrate the Republican Party and tear their house down . . . I SAID WHAT I SAID . . .”

It seems like Krystle Matthews is exhibiting the same thing as Biden.

Plain hatred for MAGA and the America First movement.

This is just the second installment of Krystle Matthews undercover recordings.

We can be sure that there are likely more to come.

Patriot Political will keep you up-to-date on any developments to this ongoing story.