Social media erupted after the debate with this accusation against Jill Biden and the Democrats

Phil Roeder, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

Joe Biden and Donald Trump have officially faced off for the first time of the 2024 election cycle.

Biden’s performance was terrible.

And social media erupted after the debate with this accusation against Jill Biden and the Democrats.

Biden declares “we finally beat Medicare”

Joe Biden and Donald Trump faced off last week for the first debate of the 2024 election cycle, and it truly was a painful thing to watch. 

Despite having to share the stage with someone who couldn’t put together a sentence, Donald Trump kept his composure for most of the debate. 

Biden’s cognitive decline was on full display when he was talking about healthcare. 

“Making sure we make every single solitary person eligible for what I’ve been able to do with covid, excuse me, with um, dealing with everything we had to deal with, look, we finally beat Medicare,” he said. 

The statement was made with heavy stumbles and pauses throughout.

Of course, Biden set Trump up for a zinger.

Trump responded by saying “well, he’s right, he did beat Medicare. He beat it to death.”

Typically, a performance like this would be met with celebration by conservatives.

But it sparked an entirely different conversation.

“Please call the elder abuse hotline. . .”

Commentators on both sides of the political aisle agreed that Biden was left embarrassed following the debate. 

However, Republicans weren’t just taking a victory lap — they were making a major accusation. 

The phrase “Elder Abuse” began trending on social media after the debate.

By Friday night, there were over 100,000 individual posts accusing Jill Biden and the Democrats of taking advantage of the President’s failing mental health. 

One person even put together a “very important PSA” that featured Beau Biden warning about the trend of elder abuse.

Daily Wire personality Matt Walsh said that “if you or someone you love has been the victim of elder abuse, please call the elder abuse hotline. You don’t have to suffer alone.”

And one artist and comedian claimed to take this suggestion seriously.

Elder abuse is punishable by up to 20 years in prison

Matt Baker purportedly called social services in Washington D.C. and reported Jill Biden. 

In the video where he is talking to a member of the elder abuse hotline, Baker said that Jill was trying to take advantage of the President’s condition for financial security. 

But when the hotline worker realized who he was calling about, he informed Baker it was “out of jurisdiction.” 

Jeff Poor, the Editor in Chief of 1819 News, shared the statute from Georgia law that would apply to Biden. 

“Any person who knowingly and willfully exploits a disabled adult, elder person, or resident, shall be guilty of a felony” that is punishable by up to 20 years in prison.

Conservative influencer and filmmaker, Mike Cernovich, commented that “everyone around Joe Biden belongs in prison. Elder abuse.” 

Daniel Turner, the Executive Director of Power the Future, called Jill Biden a “vile woman.” 

“I’ll say it again…Jill Biden is guilty of #ElderAbuse and I pray to God my loved ones don’t do this to me because of their lust for power,” he wrote.

As easy as it is to take this as a joke, Joe Biden is clearly in a state of cognitive decline. 

And the people who work with him should truly be ashamed.

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