Some “woke” military personnel are publicly questioning their loyalty to the United States

The future of America is in serious danger due to the damage the far-left has done over the last several years. 

America’s military becoming “woke” is undoubtedly the biggest threat to the security and longevity of this republic. 

Now some “woke” military personnel are publicly questioning their loyalty to the United States.

The Left’s plan to undermine the United States

For decades, the United States has had the most powerful military in the world. 

This, of course, infuriates the Left who have a deep-rooted hatred for the United States and its values. 

So, in order to undermine the United States, the Left has made it their mission to turn it “woke”. 

Instead of learning how to shoot accurately and train in survival techniques, the military is teaching soldiers Critical Race Theory, LGBT acceptance, and more. 

At boot camp, soldiers are now allowed to take mental wellness breaks, and at Parris Island drill instructors are now often 5’ 4” women.

The Left’s newest attempt to take down the military

As if making the military woke was not bad enough, the Left in America has devised a new scheme to destroy the military, and that is encouraging soldiers to question their loyalty to the United States. 

Following the landmark Dobbs decision, which overturned Roe v. Wade, many (predominantly female) soldiers have put out emotional videos in which they publicly question the nation they took an oath to defend. 

One unnamed military personnel said on Twitter “I’m supposed to defend this country?”

Another tweeted out “this may be dramatic but how do I reconcile with myself that I feel as though I serve a country that doesn’t view me as a full person, a country that doesn’t protect me back?”

These tweets prove just how dangerous this woke game is. 

The soldiers who tweeted this crap out should be immediately court martialed and dishonorably discharged. 

No soldier should ever question their loyalty to the United States, especially over a completely legitimate Supreme Court ruling. 

This is exactly why turning the military woke is so dangerous. 

These leftists are sitting in the barracks venting about how much they hate a country they are supposed to be risking their lives for. 

The soldiers who made these disgusting tweets clearly do not have what it takes to serve in the United States military. 

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