Something doesn’t add up with what election officials just reported in this California county

During the 2020 election, Democrats across the country used the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to allow mass-vote-by-mail. 

This change in voting procedures was ripe for fraud and abuse. 

And something doesn’t add up with what election officials just reported in this California county.

Recall election

Residents of Los Angeles County are fed up with their District Attorney, George Gascón. 

Gascón is a far-left prosecutor funded by billionaire George Soros and is soft on crime. 

Tired of seeing criminals go free, LA County residents launched a recall campaign against Gascón.

This follows another campaign in California in which voters in San Francisco successfully ousted Chesa Boudin, another far-left, pro-crime prosecutor.

But now it appears that election officials have shut the recall effort down, and the circumstances around it seem pretty suspicious. 

In order to put the recall question on the ballot, supporters needed to gather 566,857 valid signatures. 

Recall supporters submitted 715,833 signatures, but 195,783 were rejected as “invalid.”

That is over 27% of signatures rejected. 

What really doesn’t smell right is that this same county rejected less than 1% of the 3,422,585 mail-in ballots during the 2020 election. 

The verification process for mail in ballots and petition signatures is similar, though election officials actually argued the process is stricter for petition signatures. 

Petition signatures, county spokesperson Mike Sanchez said, “go through multiple checks. If there’s anything that’s challenged, it gets reviewed . . . up to four times, which exceeds the legal requirement.”

“Vote-by-mail is slightly different, given the volume,” Sanchez explained. Each ballot received by mail “goes through an automatic signature verification device, and when a signature gets challenged . . . that goes to a human review.” 

But the truth is, there was higher potential for error with California mail-in ballots, considering that ballots were sent to every name on the voter rolls, rather than just those who requested them. 

It typically takes states several years to remove the names of voters who have died or moved out of state from their voter rolls.

Many voters reported receiving multiple ballots, often addressed to previous residents.

On top of that, recall proponents were prevented from observing the signature verification process. 

Election officials said that the recall petition “did not qualify as an ‘election’ under state law,” and therefore they weren’t required to allow it to be observed.

Of course, by tossing out over a quarter of the signatures gathered, the officials stopped an election from occurring, ensuring that the leftist prosecutor will remain in office. 

It’s who counts the votes

It is clear that the election officials in this county are applying different standards of scrutiny, and they are doing it behind closed doors. 

This example from Los Angeles shows the type of dirty tricks Democrats will pull if they are in control of the election process. 

This type of clear left-wing partisanship by election officials is common in blue enclaves like Los Angeles, but it could soon be spreading to other parts of the country. 

Democrats have launched a multi-state, multi-million-dollar effort to take over election official positions, from Secretary of State to County Election judges. 

That is how the Left operates – when they can’t win an honest fight, they rig the rules to their advantage.

Conservatives will need to be especially vigilant to ensure that future elections are free and fair. 

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