Speaker Johnson’s latest remarks have the woke mob fuming with rage

Screenshot via YouTube, CSPAN

Last Wednesday, Congressman Mike Johnson of Louisiana won the Speaker’s Gavel after a series of contentious votes in the House. 

Since joining the House of Representatives in 2016, Johnson has earned a reputation for his steadfast values and no-nonsense attitude. 

And Speaker Johnson’s latest remarks have the woke mob fuming with rage.

Speaker Mike Johnson seems very promising for many Christian and conservative Americans

There are few positions in the federal government that carry as much weight and importance as Speaker of the House of Representatives. 

After last Wednesday’s vote, Mike Johnson is now the Speaker of the House, and a quick glance at his record shows that he is a devout Christian and principled conservative. 

On Monday, Speaker Mike Johnson virtually addressed a crowd at the inaugural meeting of the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship in London, where he outlined his plans as Speaker. 

During his address, Johnson said that “democracy can be messy, and thankfully, I believe the United States Congress and our entire nation has re-emerged now as a beacon of liberty for the world as a result of all this.”

He added that “the House is back in session as we say here. Now look, I believe God brings leaders together to address certain challenges, just as I believe the Alliance for Responsible Citizenship has been called together this week to begin the challenging work of pushing back on the failed visions that currently plague the West.”

Johnson then closed by saying “and finally, and most importantly, our better story says that we, in the West, draw on an extraordinary heritage, built on the best of the classical liberal and the Judeo-Christian tradition.”

Predictably, these remarks have sent the radical Left into a fit of rage over his Christian faith and conservative values. 

So far, Speaker Johnson has pledged to stand up to the Joe Biden administration by rejecting its radical agenda and exorbitant spending habits. 

How Mike Johnson’s Speakership could change America for the better

Many political pundits from both sides of the political spectrum agree that Mike Johnson is one of the most principled conservatives to serve as a Speaker of the House in modern political history. 

However, there have been countless politicians who appeared to be principled only to turn their backs on their constituents and values. 

For these reasons, Republicans and American voters cannot rest on their laurels.

As far as the Left is concerned, many are outraged over the election of Johnson, which should reassure conservatives that they have picked a good person for the job. 

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