Staff at this prestigious medical center just got handed an insane woke directive that will blow your mind

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From Bud Light to Target, the list of woke corporations seems to grow longer by the day.

Most people don’t think of woke policies when it comes to their medical care.

But staff at this prestigious medical center just got handed an insane woke directive that will blow your mind.

Johns Hopkins gets new “pronoun usage guide”

Johns Hopkins Medicine in the state of Maryland is one of the most respected medical care facilities in the nation.

But it looks like even it can’t escape the clutches of the new progressive woke ideology.

Employees at the center were handed a new “pronoun usage guide” that lists dozens of pronouns, with many of them seemingly just a jumbled mess of letters.

The guide includes terms like “aerself” and faerself,” along with several other strange pronouns that are all part of a new “inclusive” ID policy.

This directive includes a total of 50 pronouns that healthcare workers can use in the workplace, including “per, ve, ae, and xe.”

It explains how to use the pronouns, with examples like “ae cleaned the office all by aerself.” It also demonstrates how to use titles correctly, such as using “Mx” for “nonbinary or gender diverse people.”

This all comes with a policy that went into effect last year that allows workers to use their legal names on employee name badges, with the option of using a name that “fits with their gender identities.”

The program director for LGBTQ+ Equity and Education at Johns Hopkins, Paula Neira, stated on a podcast earlier this year that patients, as well as hospital professionals, may use a chosen name on their wristbands.

According to Neira, a transgender military veteran “on the workforce side, for our people, we updated the ID badge policy this March of 2022 to allow us to use a chosen name on our ID badge. Maryland law has changed, which allows that to happen.”

The statement was made on a podcast called Fundamentals for LGBTQ+ Cultural Awareness, which was published by John Hopkins Medicine’s Learning Technology & Innovation division.

Neira said that there are two exceptions to the rule of employees using their chosen name on a badge as opposed to their legal name.

This would include being licensed in Washington, D.C., which requires all ID badges to match the name on an employee’s certification.  Maryland State Police also requires employees to have an identification that matches their legal name.

The podcast host, a senior instructional designer for Johns Hopkins Health System, thanked Neira for clarifying the rule and said that she thought “legal names had to be used all the time” in a healthcare setting.

The insane are running the asylum

Paula Neira first made headlines in 2015 as the first transgender Navy veteran whose discharge documents were updated to reflect her new name.

And now it looks like she’s in charge of calling the shots for one of the most prestigious medical facilities in the nation.

But according to Dr. Stanley Goldfarb, the former Associate Dean for Curriculum at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, this new change to name and pronoun rules creates confusion and promotes political bias among doctors and patients. 

Goldfarb said that “the most important component of the physician-patient relationship is the ability to have clear and appropriate communication. To use pronouns associated with one’s identification badge suggests that an individual has a particular ideological and political perspective.”

According to a Johns Hopkins Medicine spokesperson, the facility is committed to “fostering a supportive, diverse, and inclusive community.”

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