State Attorneys General are demanding Congress stop Joe Biden from funding terrorist sponsors at the UN

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

The United Nations (UN) has a well-earned reputation for backing despots and murderers.

While America bashing and cheerleading for tyrants is par for the course in this bastion of globalist oligarchs, recent events in Israel show the outrages go much deeper than rhetoric.

And state Attorneys General are demanding Congress stop Joe Biden from funding terrorist sponsors at the UN.

UN employees paid with American tax dollars have blood on their hands.

The civilized world was shocked by the brutal October 7 attack on Israel when Hamas slaughtered some 1,200 people and seized over 200 hostages, including American citizens.

Another shockwave rocked the international community when it was revealed that employees of the United Nations, specifically the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), personally participated in the barbaric attack.

UNRWA supposedly provides humanitarian aid to Gaza, but their active role in facilitating terrorism is well-known and well-documented.

UN Agency packed with terrorists

At least 190 UNRWA employees allegedly double as Hamas militants or members of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a designated terror group.

Another 1,200 employees in Gaza are believed to have links to these vicious groups.

Even the European Parliament acknowledged that UNRWA’s education materials contain “hateful contents encouraging violence, spreading antisemitism and inciting hatred.”

And a recent report revealed that every UNRWA school that the Israeli Defense Forces searched contained hidden weapons.

Because of its ties to terrorism, the Trump administration halted funding for UNRWA in 2018.

Biden gives millions of taxpayer dollars to Hamas ally

But as soon as Joe Biden took office, he restored the funding.

His administration has paid them almost $1 billion during his term, making America the UNRWA’s largest donor, contributing more than all of Europe.

Even after it was revealed that UNRWA employees took part in the October 7 massacre, Joe Biden refused to permanently end all funding.

On the contrary, Biden’s White House national security spokesman, John Kirby, shamefully made excuses for the terrorists enablers by saying that the allegations shouldn’t taint the whole organization.

But John Kirby isn’t alone in his defense of the UNRWA .

Joe Biden’s State Department continues to work directly with UNRWA and is leveraging other countries to resume their funding.

State Attorneys General demand action from Congress

Since the Biden administration refuses to stand against the UN’s promotion of terror, a coalition of 24 state Attorneys General are demanding that Congress permanently end all American funding of UNRWA.

“Not one more dollar should go to fund this organization so long as it is committed to spreading anti-Semitism—much less an organization 10% of which had links to foreign terror organization Hamas,” they stated.

Not one more dollar should go to fund the UNRWA, period.

In fact, with the United States over $34 trillion in debt, not one more penny should go to the UN.

The UN is populated by tyrannical globalists who hate America and everything for which it stands.

This latest UNRWA outrage is a stark reminder that the UN is corrupt to its core.

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