Steve Harvey may be on the verge of quitting Family Feud after a contestant dropped this answer

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There are just some things you should never say out loud, especially on national television. 

But one contestant’s demise made for one of the most memorable events in the history of Family Feud

And Steve Harvey may be on the verge of quitting Family Feud after a contestant dropped this answer. 

Some things are best left unsaid

There are some rules we should all live by to get through life the best we can. 

One of those rules should be to think before you speak. 

It’s happened to the best of us. 

We just blurt out the first thing that comes to our mind, which ends in total disarray. 

And things especially get dicey if you blurt out what’s on your mind with no filter and you say it to your spouse or co-workers. 

But some topics, such as who you are attracted to, should be off limits. 

And one Family Feud contestant found this out the hard way. 

Dude said what?

Earlier this week, Steve Harvey was questioning why he agreed to be the host for Family Feud after he was forced to ask one question that should never be asked on national television. 

Steve Harvey asked the contestants to “name someone you have sexy dreams about.”

One contestant smacked the buzzer and blurted out “your aunt.”

Steve was stunned into paralysis with that answer. 

The contestant tried to justify his response, but there is no justifying having sexy dreams about your aunt. 

Obviously, the answer wasn’t on the board. 

But right when Steve Harvey thought the awkwardness was done, the other contestant answered, “you, Steve.”

“Huh,” Steve Harvey replied.

As he thought about quitting the show and walking off the set, the board flipped to show that “celebrity” was the number-one answer. 

Some of the other answers on the board were just as awkward, including in-law, politician, and clergy. 


In the past, Steve Harvey admitted that he is getting tired of hosting the game show.

Steve Harvey told the Today show earlier this year that Family Feud was too much for him to handle. 

“When I first got this show, we did eight shows a day, three days a week; we did Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” he said. “I did eight shows a day; I did 24 in a week, and I almost killed myself. And then we got it down to six shows a day, and then that was, that was murders row for me after a while because of the way I work, you know. I’m not just reading the questions, you know. It’s actually a show for me.” 

For the sake of game show lovers, hopefully Steve Harvey stays with Family Feud because he is one of the best hosts in the industry. 

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