Streamers were fuming after CNN made this invasive and eye-popping move

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It is virtually impossible to avoid the mainstream media in today’s world. 

The public’s increased access to technology is creating echo chambers that may never be sealed off.

But streamers were fuming after CNN made this invasive and eye-popping move.

CNN’s latest move is designed to keep people addicted to the 24-hour news cycle

When CNN first appeared on television in 1980, it broke ground as the first 24-hour news station that provided minute-to-minute coverage of pressing news events. 

But today CNN has been completely hijacked by the extreme far-Left, who use their air time to espouse the talking points of the Joe Biden administration. 

Aside from their left-wing political bias, many critics of CNN claim that their invention of the 24-hour news cycle caused irreparable damage to the nation. 

These critics claim that news stations like CNN now have an obligation to fill their time slots with salacious stories, often embellishing or hyperbolizing news events in exchange for higher viewership. 

CNN is owned by Warner Brothers, which also owns a vast array of other media companies, including HBO, Discovery, and DC Comics. 

Last week, HBOmax, now just Max, announced that users will have the ability to access CNN at no extra charge. 

To make matters worse, Max just announced that users can expect to receive regular news updates from CNN while using their platform. 

“Among the features [HBOMax] will try out are ways of alerting Max viewers to breaking news while they are watching something else on the service, whether it be an HBO series, a Turner Classic Movies selection, or an old episode of Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives,” Variety Magazine wrote.

John Nolte of Breitbart criticized the move.

“Entertainment is our way of escaping real life,” he wrote. “This is why present-day movies and streaming services are in so much trouble. The woketard crusade, the non-stop politicking in today’s entertainment breaks the spell by returning us to reality when avoiding reality is the whole point.” 

As Nolte pointed out, this is yet another attempt by the Left to ruin culture with their radical agenda. 

Another likely reason for this move is CNN’s pathetically low viewership, which has plagued the network for years. 

Warner Brothers is the latest company to go “woke” and will certainly face consequences

Whether it’s Disney, Target, or Bud Light, many Americans are ditching their favorite companies for going “woke.”

With their move to force CNN down the throats of its users, Warner Brothers is the latest company to go woke. 

A quick glance at CNN’s embarrassingly low ratings proves that Americans do not want to watch the network.

Harassing them while watching television is a poor marketing move. 

But only time will tell whether this “woke” move will harm Warner Brothers.

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