Sunny Hostin made one disgusting and racist comparison on The View that has conservative women outraged

There is nothing more toxic than the corporate-controlled media. 

Most media outlets these days only serve to divide and spread hatred in a desperate pursuit for better ratings. 

And Sunny Hostin made one disgusting and racist comparison on The View that has conservative women outraged. 

America cannot be healed until hateful media outlets dial things back

When it comes to the corporate-controlled media, especially left-wing media outlets, spreading lies and hatred is the name of the game. 

This is all part of the Left’s strategy to divide Americans and paint the Right as evil. 

But what one co-host just said on The View may be one of the most hateful, divisive comments made in recent memory. 

While talking about the upcoming Midterm elections, The View cohost Sunny Hostin made a revolting comment about white conservative women. 

In response to a claim that white women are likely to vote conservative this election day, Hostin claimed “What’s also surprising to me is the abortion issue. I read a poll just yesterday that white Republican suburban women are now going to vote Republican. It’s almost like roaches voting for Raid, right?”

For reference, Hostin is referring to the common pesticide product, Raid. 

This comment should disgust every single decent person, regardless of how they vote. 

Not only is this comment very insulting, but it is also extremely racist and vile. 

What Hostin needs to realize, is that abortion is not a top issue for many women. 

Many women, especially conservative women are not particularly worried about getting abortions, and to make the claim that woman who do not want abortions are cockroaches is nothing short of pure evil. 

Unfortunately, this is par for the course for The View, which is seeing lower and lower ratings by the day. 

Who can forget Whoopi Goldberg’s anti-Semitic comments about the Holocaust, saying that the Nazis were not racists for mass-killing Jews. 

The View is nothing more than a collection of out-of-touch extremists who think they know what is best for “the little people” as they see it. 

The radical Left will do anything to tear America apart

These disgusting comments from Sunny Hostin are part of an intentional plan by the Left to destroy America. 

The first step in taking down America is dividing America, which the founders were well aware of.  

United we stand, divided we fall. 

Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Whoopi Goldberg all have a deep-rooted hatred for America and everyone who is different from them. 

The best thing decent people should do to reject this hatred is to stop watching The View and paying any mind to these bigots. 

At the end of the day, these people are nothing more than washed up B-list actors who have no idea how the real world works. 

What America needs are voices in the media who spread love, positive values, and a love for America. 

It is fair to say that The View is doing the exact opposite. 

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