Taxpayers are demanding answers after Joe Biden refuses to tell the truth

Make no mistake, there is absolutely nothing transparent about the Joe Biden administration. 

Just about everything Joe Biden and his handlers have done have been done quietly and sneakily, constantly leaving Americans in the dark.  

But now taxpayers are demanding answers after Joe Biden refuses to tell the truth.

Even Democrats are getting fed up with Joe Biden’s shady deals

When it comes to the Biden administration, nothing has been transparent whatsoever. 

Biden and his cronies are constantly begging for more money for their corrupt projects without ever giving Congress or taxpayers the details. 

This is especially true when it comes to the massive amount of money that has been sent to Ukraine. 

The shadiness has gotten so bad, that now even Democrats are demanding answers. 

This was made very apparent last Wednesday on Fox News Radio’s Brian Kilmeade Show. 

Last Wednesday, Brian Kilmeade invited author, Washington Post columnist, and CNN political analyst Josh Rogin to discuss Ukraine funding. 

Rogin, who is by all measures a far-left Democrat, said thatNow, the President’s asking for another $38 billion. That’s a lot of U.S. taxpayer money. I get that. I think that’s also true that the administration hasn’t done enough, to be honest, to keep Congress in the loop.” 

Rogin then went on to say, “They won’t tell them exactly what the money’s going for. There’s not a clear strategy to end this thing. And so, I think, first of all, the Biden people, but also the Democrats in Congress, made a big mistake by ignoring these concerns for the first year of the war and saying, oh, well, the Republicans are just going to go along. So, first of all, I just want to say that there are legitimate concerns about this money.” 

These are some very eye-opening statements from Josh Rogin. 

He is exactly right to point out that Joe Biden has not made a responsible effort to keep taxpayers and Congress in the loop about these massive funding requests. 

This should raise suspicions with every single taxpayer.  

If Biden wants taxpayers to foot the bill for a foreign war, then taxpayers at least deserve to know what the money is paying for. 

The truth is, these funds have likely been misused, otherwise, why would Joe Biden be so quiet? 

Why Joe Biden is being so quiet when it comes to funding requests

Even if Joe Biden was more transparent with these funding requests, the absolute last things Americans need are higher taxes to pay for foreign wars. 

As it stands, America is on the brink of an economic collapse, and propping up regimes like Ukraine will only make things worse. 

Before America sends even one more dime to Ukraine, America’s southern border with Mexico needs to be secured and the out-of-control crime that has ravaged every street in America must be addressed. 

America should always come first. 

But under Joe Biden’s watch, America has always come last. 

Americans deserve much better than the Biden administration. 

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