Taxpayers are furious after this wasteful woke Air Force secret was revealed

The federal government is addicted to reckless spending. 

But the scope to which the government wastes money, and the extreme far-left projects your tax dollars are funding is guaranteed to shock you. 

And taxpayers are furious after this wasteful woke Air Force secret was revealed.

The radical Left is destroying America’s military with their woke agenda

For decades now, the United States has been regarded as having the greatest and mightiest military in the world. 

But even this is changing under Joe Biden’s watch.

Democrats are making it their mission to destroy the American military by trying to force their radical woke agenda into military culture. 

This was made very obvious when it was recently revealed that the United States Department of Defense spent $91,000 on diversity training for the Air Force Band. 

More specifically, the Department of Defense awarded a contract to a far-left orchestra based out of Philadelphia called the Black Pearl Chamber Orchestra, whose mission according to their own website is “to take the audience beyond spectatorship to participation in the musical experience by combining artistic excellence with cultural diversity and innovative community engagement.”

The purpose of the contract is to train the Air Force band in diversity and other woke topics. 

Not only is this an absurd waste of taxpayers’ dollars, but it also does absolutely nothing to make America safer from foreign threats, which is the sole purpose of the Department of Defense. 

Unfortunately, this is just a small example of how the Left has comprised the United States military with woke nonsense. 

Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas told Fox News, “When I encouraged military whistleblowers to share their concerns privately, we were flooded with hundreds of messages about declining standards and degraded capabilities.” 

Senator Cotton added, “In some cases, essential training in weapons systems, navigation, and ship handling is falling by the wayside, while commanders are forced to prioritize woke ‘diversity’ trainings you’d expect to see on a liberal-arts campus.”

This is an absolute disgrace, and America is much less safe as a result of this woke garbage. 

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo unleashed on this issue recently when he said that “I can assure you that there’s no Russian General, no Iranian leader, no Chinese Communist Party Admiral, who’s spending one second thinking about gender or woke ideology or climate change” 

He then added, “They’re thinking about how to kill Americans and the fight is on. We have to walk away from this radical Left ideology. We cannot let it penetrate our military.”

While he may be just another neocon warmonger, Mike Pompeo is exactly right on this topic. 

America’s enemies are laughing at the insane and useless “woke” projects that the Joe Biden administration is forcing on the military. 

Make no mistake, this is a very deliberate attempt by the Left to undermine the military and its ability to keep Americans safe by pushing conservatives out of the military altogether. 

The military is not a social project and as soon as it becomes one this country will cease to exist. 

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