Taxpayers are terrified after Chuck Schumer scored this major victory

America has a serious spending problem, so much so that most spending bills these days are in the trillions. 

The recent omnibus bill is a prime example, and unsurprisingly, the bill is jam-packed with wasteful spending. 

And now taxpayers are terrified after Chuck Schumer scored this major victory. 

If America does not slow down spending then a major financial crisis will be imminent

For months now, America has been teetering on the edge of a major economic collapse. 

Reckless, out-of-control spending has caused inflation to reach 40-year highs, which has caused prices for nearly every commercial good and service to skyrocket. 

The American economy is teetering like a house of cards, but Chuck Schumer’s latest move might just send the economy over the brink. 

Schumer cobbled together a coalition large enough to pass the massive $1.7 trillion omnibus bill and it passed in the Senate with 68 votes. 

The centerpiece of this bill is $45 billion in defense spending for Ukraine. 

The passage of this spending bill proves that Schumer has what it takes to ram through radical legislation with support from RINO Republicans. 

This should horrify every single American taxpayer, who will be forced to foot this massive bill. 

Furthermore, taxpayers should also be concerned about the rushed nature of this omnibus bill. 

The truth is, most legislators likely did not read this 4,000-page bill, which is jam-packed with wasteful spending. 

Wasteful spending bills such as this one are exactly what has destroyed the value of the dollar up to this point, and without a reasonable doubt, this bill will only make the inflation crisis much worse. 

Americans must take a stand against members of Congress who are doing so much harm to the economy

Concerned taxpayers must take a stand against this horrible spending bill, which is helping to bankrupt this nation. 

Each and every member of Congress who voted for this needs to be held accountable for selling out taxpayers. 

Under no circumstances should a spending bill this large be passed so quickly. 

Clearly, there is a lot in this bill that was overlooked, which could have a devastating impact on America. 

Reckless spending and the exorbitant nature of the national debt is the biggest threat to the American economy moving forward. 

The other problem with these spending bills is the massive amount of funding that is going toward the Ukraine war. 

The last thing America needs right now is direct involvement in a foreign war with Russia. 

In recent years, Democrats have become the party of provoking foreign wars, and this spending bill is a major step in the wrong direction. 

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