Taylor Swift fans could not believe their ears after hearing about this embezzlement scheme

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The hottest and most expensive ticket this year is undoubtedly Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. 

The Eras Tour includes 146 shows across 5 continents, with the average price of a resale ticket going for a whopping $3,801. 

But Taylor Swift fans could not believe their ears after hearing about this embezzlement scheme. 

Even corrupt politicians are lining up to see Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour

Fewer concerts have created the buzz that Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has and people are forking over massive amounts to see this world-famous pop star. 

One such Taylor Swift fan is none other than New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who spent around $12,000 in taxpayer dollars at Metlife Stadium on items like food and beverages during a Taylor Swift concert. 

When asked about these expenses, Phil Murphy’s office explained that they expected the New Jersey Democrat Party to cover the expenses.

However, when this did not happen, they then dipped into the Governor’s $95,000 personal expenditure fund. 

Murphy spokeswoman Jennifer Sciortino explained to Politico that “once it was clear that there were outstanding bills that had not been paid, the state stepped up to meet this responsibility.”

She added that “we are pursuing reimbursement from the state party for costs incurred at MetLife Stadium.”

Phil Swibinski, a spokesman for the New Jersey Democrat Party, later issued a statement saying he “had no knowledge of the invoice that was reportedly paid for by the state,” adding that “we are looking into the matter in order to determine whether any additional action is necessary at this time.”

“The state party regularly pays for the cost of food and beverage service at non-governmental events that the governor hosts, including at MetLife Stadium, and all of those payments are disclosed to ELEC according to state law,” he added.

These frivolous expenditures come in the wake of Senator Bob Menendez’s corruption allegations, in which the Senator is accused of acting as a foreign agent for Egypt in exchange for cash payouts, luxury cars, and even gold bars. 

New Jersey politics still appears to be as corrupt as ever

Few states have a reputation for corruption and political malpractice like New Jersey does. 

This example of Governor Phil Murphy using taxpayer funds to purchase food and drinks at a Taylor Swift concert exemplifies the ridiculous amount of waste and corruption that occurs in the Garden State on a daily basis. 

Even if the Party eventually covers these charges, many Democrats in New Jersey are still wondering why their contributions are going to pay for Phil Murphy’s Taylor Swift concerts. 

At this point, there has been no mention of any sort of consequences for these corrupt actions and it is highly unlikely that any will arise, especially if the New Jersey Democrat Party covers the costs in the near future. 

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