Taylor Swift had a massive wardrobe malfunction that stopped her live performance dead in its tracks

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No one has made themselves a bigger Pop Star than Taylor Swift. 

But her fans started to faint when things started popping off the influential singer. 

And Taylor Swift had a massive wardrobe malfunction that stopped her live performance dead in its tracks.

Life can’t get much better for Swift

In pop culture today, success is measured by how big of a following you have on social media.

And literally no one on God’s green earth has a bigger following than Taylor Swift.

Everything she touches turns into a success.

On Twitter alone, the Pop Star has over 95 million followers. 

She produced a movie called Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour last year that was the number one movie in America. 

Not to mention, it was the most profitable theatrical movie ever produced.

Taylor Swift has been making tens of millions of dollars with her world tour that never ends as she sells out at every venue she books.

No fan base in the world matches the enthusiasm and dedication of the Swiftie movement. 

Even Taylor Swift’s peers in the music industry acknowledge her success. 

The Pop Singer has won countless awards, including over a dozen Grammy Awards from over 40 nominations.

And whenever she releases a studio album, it always ends up number one on the Billboard 200.

She is even dating one of the top athletes in America, Travis Kelce.

There is literally nothing going wrong for Taylor Swift.

Well, at least that was the case before her dress popped off on stage. 

Taylor Swift wardrobe malfunction?

Wardrobe malfunctions are just the name of the game in the music industry.

The list of incidents where fans got to see more than what they paid for is endless. 

We can all remember a time when a wardrobe malfunction caught our eye.

Who can forget when Janet Jackson had a wardrobe malfunction in front of 140 million people during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show when her right breast became exposed?

The Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction was the biggest thing on the news for weeks as it was pushed as “nipple gate.”

Or how about when Cardi B busted her outfit wide open when performing live in 2019, which forced her to switch to a bathrobe for the rest of the concert?

Taylor Swift can now join the long list of singers and actresses who had serious wardrobe malfunctions.

While performing in Stockholm, Sweden, earlier last week during her Eras Tour, fans were in complete shock when Swift’s dress started to come off mid-song. 

It all started when the Pop Star finished a song at the mic and noticed something wasn’t right. 

When she tried to fix it herself with no success, Swift told the crowd to “talk amongst yourselves.”

Swift then ran off stage and came back moments later to sit at a piano where she had to unfasten her dress, revealing a sparkly bra underneath. 

@explorer.paris Stockholm n3 we did talk amongst ourselves 😂 #erastour @taylorswift #stockholmn3 #surprisesongs @Taylor Nation ♬ original sound – Travelparis

Finally, a member of her crew ran on stage and helped save the day before Swift’s wardrobe malfunction got any worse. 

We all know that Travis Kelce was getting a little nervous with that dress coming off on stage. 

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