Teachers were caught on tape using Dr. Suess to mock parents in this viral video

The beloved Dr. Suess must be rolling over in his grave.

10 months ago, the Cancel Culture mob came after the rhyming children’s author with their torches and pitchforks at the ready.

Now, one woke Social Justice Snowflake – who happens to be an “educator” – is using a phony Dr. Suess poem to attack parents.

Thankfully, it was all caught on tape and it’s quickly going viral.

Krista Tyler, a former instructional technology specialist in the Austin, Texas area, read a Suess-inspired poem at the Leander ISD school board meeting Dec. 16.

The poem mocks and insults evangelicals and parents concerned over Critical Race Theory and hyper-sexualized indoctrination in school classrooms.

“Everyone in Leander liked reading a lot/ but some evangelicals in Leader did not,” Tyler begins. “These kooks hated reading, the whole reading season./ Please don’t ask why, no one quite knows the reason./ It could be perhaps critical thinking causes fright./ It could be their heads aren’t screwed on just right./ But whatever the reason, their brains or their fright,/ they can’t follow policy in plain black and white.”

“These bigots don’t get to choose for us, that’s clear,” Tyler’s poem continues. “Then how, I am wondering, did we even get here./ They growl at our meetings, all hawing and humming,/ ‘We must stop this indoctrination from coming!’/ They’ve come for the books and the bonds and what for?/ Their kids don’t even attend Leander schools anymore./ Bring back our books, maintain decorum, good grief./ Wouldn’t it be nice to have a meeting in peace?”

Notice how she ends her hateful poem – asking for peace.

That’s after calling anyone who disagrees with her, kooks, illiterate, stupid, bigots, and even put on a fake “red neck” accent when impersonating them.

So, peace, as long as you comply.

If not, mockery, scorn, and cancelling.

Parents in the school district are outraged over Tyler’s hate-filled poem and her attack on their motives.

“Parents such as myself, are increasingly participating in school board meetings because we see firsthand the detrimental effects that ‘woke-ism’ has had on our schools and our children,” Orlando Salinas, a father in the district said. “In Round Rock, 8% of African American students and 11% of Hispanic students perform math on grade level, according to the 2021 STARR Performance data. We parents are attending these meetings to challenge the status quo because the status quo is not working for our students.”

Other parents said Tyler shouldn’t be allowed to teach children anymore.

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