Ted Cruz just destroyed one major leftist organization for calling these concerned moms a hate group

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The radical Left has worked for decades to demonize anyone who is even remotely conservative.

Anyone who disagrees with them is labeled a racist, Nazi, terrorist, or worse.

But Ted Cruz just destroyed one major leftist organization for calling these concerned moms a hate group.

The Left has gone so far to try and corrupt children that moms across the country have joined together to try and stop the assault.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently blasted the radical left-wing Southern Poverty Law Center for its decision to add parental rights groups like Moms for Liberty to their so-called “hate map” alongside groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

Targeting moms for defending their children

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) recently released its annual “Year in Hate and Extremism,” where it placed 523 “hate groups” and 702 “anti-government extremist groups” on a map of the United States.

Of course, the SPLC labels almost any conservative or Christian organization in the country a so-called “hate group” or “extremist group.”

The Daily Signal pointed out in their reporting of the SPLC’s map that the list of “hate groups” contains numerous parental rights organizations, including some 230 chapters of Moms for Liberty, No Left Turn in Education, and many state-based chapters of Parents Involved in Education.

Cruz pointed out that “the Southern Poverty Law Center is going on offense and they’ve decided to target Moms for Liberty. Let me say Moms for Liberty, they are phenomenal women—they are moms who are standing up for their kids.”

“And you want to know the power of Moms for Liberty?” Cruz asked. 

“Let me tell you, someone who would not have the first name in his title, and that would be Governor Glenn Youngkin. Without Moms for Liberty, Governor Glenn Youngkin would be Glenn Youngkin. There’d be no ‘Governor.’ We’d have Governor Terry McAuliffe. Because Virginia, which Biden won by nearly 10 points, flipped Red.”

Turning purple states Red

Cruz pointed out that Virginia “flipped Red because moms stood up and they were ticked off at the left-wing takeover of their schools and they were ticked off at the woke ideology. And what has the Southern Poverty Law Center said? Moms, they’re defending their kids, are a hate group.”

Of course, Virginia was ground zero for the parental rights movement after a number of rapes and sexual assaults were uncovered.

Radical leftist school board members and principals were trying to keep these events secret as it destroyed their transgender bathroom narrative.

Parents throughout the Old Dominion organized and flipped the Governor’s Mansion and the State House to the GOP.

Because of this, the SPLC’s “hate map” includes many Virginia  groups. 

Among them are groups like Parents Against Critical Race Theory in Ashburn, Parents Defending Education in Arlington, Virginia Moms for America, and Virginia Parents Involved in Education. 

Cruz, for one, is not having any of it.

“I’m gonna say right now the SPLC is a radical left-wing hate group,” Cruz said. “I’m going to use that term. They hate you. They hate me. They hate America. They hate conservatives. They hate the Constitution. They hate the Bill of Rights. They hate families. They hate moms. They hate dads. They hate anyone who stands up for this country. And I gotta say for the SPLC to go after Moms for Liberty is disgusting.”

“The Southern Poverty Law Center, unfortunately, is a profoundly dishonest, rabidly partisan left-wing organization,” he said. “It has a business model, where it gets very wealthy left-wing billionaires to write them big checks in order to try to tar anyone right of center and to call them hate groups.”

The SPLC’s attempt to smear parents, especially moms, is nothing new.

The Left has long tried to demonize its opponents by calling them names.

After all, when you have no facts, truth, or science on your side, you have to resort to name calling.

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