Ted Cruz revealed the scary Democrat plan to kick Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court

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Ted Cruz was sounding the alarm for all conservatives to hear.

Cruz believed an existential fight was at hand.

And Ted Cruz revealed the scary Democrat plan to kick Clarence Thomas off the Supreme Court.

Since Democrats don’t control the Supreme Court, they consider the institution illegitimate.

When the conservative majority overturned Roe v. Wade last year, the Left ripped the mask off entirely.

After years of claiming Donald Trump destroyed norms and undermined institutions, the Left waged a sustained smear and fear campaign against the conservative Justices.

Left-wing militias broke state and federal law by stalking conservative Justices at their homes.

A Joe Biden supporter traveled from California to Maryland, where police arrested him outside of Brett Kavanaugh’s home.  Later the man admitted that he had shown up as part of an assassination plot.

Multiple media outlets then manufactured a scandal about Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito traveling for vacations on the dime of conservative donors and not reporting these gifts on their financial disclosure forms.

The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto exposed this fake scandal for the fraud that it is.

Taranto used an example from CNN on Justice Thomas reporting his travel expenses.

“Justice Clarence Thomas disclosed Thursday that Republican mega donor Harlan Crow paid for private jet trips for Thomas in 2022 to attend a speech in Texas and a vacation at Crow’s luxurious New York estate, as ethics questions continue to rock the Supreme Court,” CNN reported.

Taranto then detailed exactly why this allegation was nothing but farce.

“What actually happened is too mundane to rock anything: The Judicial Conference of the U.S., which regulates judges’ financial disclosures, changed its rules regarding ‘transportation that substitutes for commercial transportation.’ A private plane trip is now considered a gift, which is subject to disclosure, rather than ‘personal hospitality,’ which isn’t. The rule took effect in March, and Justice Thomas complied with it for his 2022 form,” Taranto wrote.

But Democrats in the Senate are taking action.

And Ted Cruz is warning conservatives that Democrats are setting the predicate to pack the Supreme Court or impeach conservative Justices like Clarence Thomas if they win a trifecta in 2024.

Cruz’s concern centers around Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Dick Durbin weaponizing the government against Harlan Crow – the conservative donor who vacationed with Thomas – and Leonard Leo, the head of the Federalist Society, which is the conservative activist group that prepared the short list of candidates who President Trump picked his Supreme Court nominees from.

“From Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s court-packing scheme to the attacks on Justice Clarence Thomas and from the smear tactics used to defame Justice Brett Kavanaugh to the libels against Leonard Leo, Democrats will stop at nothing to delegitimize the Supreme Court,” Cruz told the Daily Signal.

“See these Democrat attacks for what they are—a full-on assault on our Constitution,” Cruz concluded. “Democrats hate our system of separation of powers and they are willing to burn down the Supreme Court to accomplish their goals.”

Democrats are always guilty of what they accuse Donald Trump of doing.

When Democrats say Trump wanted to destroy democracy and undermine institutions, it was really the Left that wanted to obliterate the principle of checks and balances because a conservative majority on the Supreme Court existed.

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