Television viewers were scratching their heads over this “woke” whisky ad

Nowadays, it is nearly impossible to do anything fun without the Left coming in and ruining it. 

Everything has to be “woke” and the Left will not rest until their radical agenda is plastered everywhere. 

But now television viewers were scratching their heads over this “woke” whisky ad. 

The Left is on a mission to completely destroy western culture

In recent years, the radical Left has embarked on a mission to completely upend western culture. 

Just watch any television program for proof.  

These days, sporting events, advertisements, and TV shows are jam-packed with “woke” messages. 

 However, what this one whisky company just did has television viewers confused and outraged. 

In a new ad campaign, whisky giant J&B has decided to bow down to the “woke” mob by depicting transgendered youth. 

According to Fox9, the ad which is called “She” depicts a “man who sneaks into the bathroom multiple times to perfect the practice of putting on lipstick, blush, and mascara. He gets stares at his local drugstore when buying eyeshadow.”

Later in the ad, it is revealed that the old man is practicing because his young grandson is allegedly “transgendered” and he wants to put makeup on his young grandson. 

The ad ends with the old man successfully putting makeup on his grandson and his family fawning over both of them. 

This ad is yet another attempt by the Left to sexualize children and pass along perverted ideals like transgenderism to young people. 

Such grooming should not be celebrated in any way, and this ad is a prime example of how the Left is trying to corrupt the minds of young people. 

These are not the sort of ads people want to see on their televisions, and it should not come as a surprise that people are outraged. 

Also, this ad has absolutely nothing to do with J&B whisky, which makes it an objectively bad advertisement. 

Rather than trying to sell their product, J&B had instead decided to advance the cause of the extreme far-left. 

Companies that go “woke” often go broke

The truth is companies that go “woke” often pay the consequences. 

Just take a look at Disney for example, which is facing major economic problems following its “woke” transformation. 

People simply do not want to be inundated with perverted far-left ideals while they are trying to relax. 

The NFL, NBA, and other sports leagues faced similar backlash for their left-wing anti-American protests over the years. 

This issue is much bigger and more important than off-color ads. 

These ads represent deliberate attempts by the Left to destroy western culture, which they hope to replace with their perverted “woke” culture. 

Also, this ad is an attempt by the Left to sexualize children, which is disgusting and plain wrong. 

Modern society is under attack by the Left, and it is up to Christians and conservatives to fight back. 

Christmas is about Christ and spending time with family, not brainwashing young people to believe that transgenderism in children is normal and should be celebrated. 

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