Texas gave Justice John Roberts one simple message that left him seething with rage

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Chief Justice John Roberts is a massive disappointment for conservatives.

He just handed Joe Biden a major victory on the border.

And Texas gave Justice John Roberts one simple message that left him seething with rage.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has stepped up to do the job that the federal government refuses to do and secure the state’s border.

Abbott launched a massive state-led border security mission named Operation Lone Star to stop the flood of illegal aliens pouring into Texas.

Texas laid nearly 30 miles of razor wire near the border city of Eagle Pass, which has become ground zero for the border crisis in the state.

Border Patrol officials began cutting the wire and helping illegal aliens enter the country.

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security made the infuriating decision to stop Texas from trying to secure its border and enforcing the law.

The federal government is aiding and abetting the invasion of Texas by illegal aliens.

Texas sued the federal government and got an injunction from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals that blocked Border Patrol agents from cutting the razor wire.

The Supreme Court issued a 5-4 ruling that allowed Border Patrol agents to cut the wire after granting an emergency appeal by the Biden administration.

The Court upheld that states can’t enforce immigration laws even if the federal government is unwilling to enforce them.

The Supreme Court ruled that Texas has no right to defend its borders from the invasion that Biden created.

Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Amy Coney Barrett, both appointed by Republicans, sided with the Court’s three left-wing Justices.

The Justices turned logic upside down to rule against Texas and side with the lawless Biden administration. 

Texas couldn’t take a common-sense measure to secure its border while Biden is refusing to enforce the country’s immigration laws.

Roberts and Coney Barrett took the side of the Biden administration to help them continue to fuel the mayhem at the border. 

Texas officials were defiant after the Supreme Court bowed to Biden’s lawlessness at the border.

Governor Abbott said that the fight over the razor wire is not over.

“The Texas National Guard continues to hold the line in Eagle Pass,” Abbott said. “Texas will not back down from our efforts to secure the border in Biden’s absence.”

The Texas National Guard began to lay more razor wire at the border in Eagle Pass after the ruling.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton vowed to continue the legal battle with the Biden administration after the Supreme Court ruling.

“The Supreme Court’s temporary order allows Biden to continue his illegal effort to aid the foreign invasion of America,” Paxton wrote. “The destruction of Texas’s border barriers will not help enforce the law or keep American citizens safe. This fight is not over, and I look forward to defending our state’s sovereignty.”

Texas is not backing down after the Supreme Court’s border betrayal.

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