Texas Governor Greg Abbott lowered the boom on Joe Biden with this brutal reality check

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Texas is at the center of the border crisis that Joe Biden unleashed on the country.

But the President is now trying to backpedal from the damage that he’s done. 

And Texas Governor Greg Abbott lowered the boom on Joe Biden with this brutal reality check.

Texas is setting the standard for securing the border 

President Joe Biden issued an executive order to secure the border after months of claiming that he didn’t have the authority.

Since it’s an Election Year and illegal immigration is an electoral liability, Biden issued a toothless order that will never be enforced so he can tell the public he did something.

With its more than 1,200 miles of border with Mexico, Texas is ground zero for the illegal immigration crisis.

Biden – who claims to care about border security – has been suing the state for the actions it has taken to secure its border with Mexico.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott appeared on Fox News Channel and was asked about his reaction to Biden’s bogus border order.

“Well, first of all, to your latter point, the Biden administration can try to do whatever they want to try to do,” Abbott said. 

Abbott launched Operation Lone Star – the biggest state-led border security effort in history – after Biden refused to enforce the country’s immigration laws.

“Texas is not going to back off of what we’re doing to actually secure the border,” Abbott explained. “We built a border wall, we’ve erected hundreds of miles of razor wire barrier.”

Texas border security operation is working 

The success of Operation Lone Star is shifting Illegal immigration from Mexico to states with Democrat Governors.

“Get this, the numbers are astounding,” Abbott explained. “While illegal immigration is increasing [in] California, Arizona, and New Mexico by about 20% or 25%, in Texas it has gone down about 74% because of the resistance that we’ve put up.”

Abbott blasted Biden for lying to the American people with his executive order.

“But know this, what Biden announced today is nothing more than gaslighting his fellow Americans, because there is nothing in the announcement today that actually shows any enforcement of any immigration law that denies illegal entry into the country,” Abbott stated.

If Biden wanted to secure the border, he’d stop suing Texas and enforce the country’s immigration laws.

“He talks about trying to have this asylum process and changing the rules that actually will allow more people in,” Abbott added. “What Biden did today was actually entice more people to come to our border, to increase illegal immigration — not to stop it.”

Abbott laid out the steps that Biden could take if he was serious about border security.

“He’s not using any tool or strategy to deny illegal immigration,” Abbott said. “Importantly, there were three laws that exist that Biden is not enforcing.”

“One is to deny illegal entry, the other is to detain illegal immigrants that do make it here, the third is to build border barriers,” Abbott continued. “He’s choosing not to do any of that. Instead, he’s had open border policies that have led to more than 10 million illegal immigrants into our country.”

If he was serious about it, Joe Biden could have secured the border by now.

But he’s trying to stop the political damage that the border crisis is doing to his re-election campaign with some window dressing.

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