Texas Public Policy Foundation puts Biden Administration in the crosshairs of major lawsuit

The Trump administration delivered for the United States energy sector when they withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement.

Joe Biden rejoined the terrible excuse for an agreement on day one of his unrelenting attack on American oil.

Now the Texas Public Policy Foundation is taking the fight to the Biden administration with this major lawsuit.

The Biden has been dismantling American energy since his inauguration

President Joe Biden signed away American energy independence on day one of his Presidential term by rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement. 

He promised to international partners to target US carbon emissions and set an “economywide target of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by 50-52 percent.”

Secretary of State Blinken was especially proud of the “unprecedented framework” and said the agreement was designed to “help us all avoid catastrophic planetary warming and to build resilience around the world.”

Biden and Blinken seem to think it’s not enough to spend our taxpayer’s money on foreign cultural programs and overseas conflict. 

They also think that “climate change and science diplomacy” deserve a special spot in American foreign policy planning.

TPPF files lawsuit to force Biden administration to be transparent with their climate agenda

The Texas Public Policy Foundation decided they would call the Biden administration on their bluff of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by upwards of 50 percent. 

The organization filed a FOIA with various federal government agencies to find out what their plan was. 

They specifically submitted FOIAs to the U.S. Department of State, Department of Energy, and the Commerce Department. 

TPPF asked them to provide examples of actions and efforts that are being planned by the U.S. government to come into compliance with the agreement by 2030. 

In the end, they got no response.

That led TPPF to their next move—filing a lawsuit against the Biden administration.

They say that “the failure of the government to respond at all is a common tactic to hide records for the public view,” and they are now suing the federal government “to ensure those records see the light of day.”

TPPF further explained that “setting a Nationally Determined Contribution Number is an ambitious goal, one that will impact all Americans and their livelihoods,” arguing that the people “have a right to know how government agencies are coming up with that number and implementing other climate related goals.”

Studies show catastrophic losses to American industry under Paris Climate Agreement

They’re rightfully concerned about the impact to the average American’s life. 

A study by the National Economic Research Associates has warned of catastrophic effects.

In order to be on the track to compliance by 2025, the US would lose roughly 2.7 million jobs. 

It would lead to substantial cuts in production for all industries. 

The American manufacturing industry would lose nearly 450,000 jobs.

The TPPF brief pointed to one specific area of concern with US compliance in the Paris Climate Treaty. 

The US government would have to lead the approach and directly influence decisions in the private sector – what TPPF calls a “whole-of-government approach.”

If their lawsuit is successful, they would only be on their way to the next battle.

First, they need to find out what the Biden administration’s plans are.

Then they can work on stopping them in their tracks.

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