The anti-gun mob does not want you to know this detail about the latest shooting

Every single time there is a tragic mass shooting in America, the Left immediately jumps to conclusions without looking at any of the facts. 

This is because the radical Left dreams of a day when the Second Amendment is a thing of the past. 

And the anti-gun mob does not want you to know this detail about the latest shooting.

The Left will stop at nothing to take your guns away

The truth is, Democrats are extremely desperate to pass out-of-control “gun control” laws. 

This is made painfully obvious every time there is a horrible mass shooting. 

The most recent example involves the most recent mass shooting that happened at Q Nightclub in Colorado Springs this past Saturday night. 

Without even skipping a beat, Joe Biden and the anti-gun mob politicized the hell out of this tragedy, calling for bans on “assault weapons” and other guns. 

What these anti-gun radicals are not telling you is that the suspect should have never had a gun in the first place given his extremely violent past. 

According to NBC News, “The suspect was arrested by sheriff’s deputies last year after a bomb threat was made in a residential area just outside Colorado Springs.” 

Fox News then elaborated on this claim by revealing notes from the suspect’s mother, who called the police last year after “threatening to cause harm to her with a homemade bomb, multiple weapons, and ammunition.”

So despite the fact that the suspect had previously manufactured bombs and had access to other weapons, he was not arrested, which preceded this senseless tragedy. 

This is not a gun problem, but rather a failure to act on very credible threats. 

If this lunatic was arrested and monitored after his attempt to blow up his own parents, then perhaps this tragedy would have never happened. 

Why the Left is so desperate to make everything about guns

At the end of the day, the Left does not want the public to know key details such as the suspect’s violent past.

That’s because it undermines their mission to make the Second Amendment a thing of the past. 

Disarming the general public is one of the Left’s primary policy goals and they will stop at no end until this is achieved. 

Gun control does not work. 

It is that simple. 

By taking guns away from law-abiding citizens, crime increases and law-abiding people become much less safe. 

Instead of jumping straight to gun control after a mass shooting, lawmakers ought to explore legitimate ways to put an end to gun violence. 

This includes improving America’s mental health infrastructure as well as not selling guns to people who tried to blow up their family members. 

The fact that the suspect in last Saturday’s mass shooting was not under intensive supervision should outrage everyone. 

The most important thing that conservatives can do moving forward is to not give in to the Left’s radical demands when it comes to guns and gun rights. 

Even giving these radicals an inch could be devastating. 

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