The Babylon Bee gave this one hilarious take on the success of Tucker Carlson’s new show on Twitter

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The conservative satirical website, Babylon Bee, describes itself as “Fake News You Can Trust.”

It’s getting more difficult by the day in America to tell the difference between satire and reality.

And the Babylon Bee gave this one hilarious take on the success of Tucker Carlson’s new show on Twitter.

Carlson will leave Twitter if “gatekeepers” try to silence him

It’s been nearly two months since Tucker Carlson was ousted from Fox News and the firebrand personality is wasting no time moving forward. Shortly after he was removed from the air, Carlson decided to start streaming his monologue on Twitter.

In his first episode, Carlson pointed to the problems with mainstream media and their participation in censoring information that the public will hear. “As of today, we’ve come to Twitter. We’re told there are no gatekeepers here. If that turns out to be false, we’ll leave,” he said.

The first episode of Tucker on Twitter has more than 110 million views in less than one week. It’s hard to believe that any of his segments on Fox ever achieved such high ratings. Of course, the establishment press is not happy about his massive reach on Twitter.

The Babylon Bee was the first to find humor in it.

Babylon Bee celebrates “top brass” panicking after Carlson’s launch on Twitter

In an April article following Carlson’s announcement, The Babylon Bee said an “Unemployed Guy’s Basement Selfie Crushes Fox News In Primetime Ratings.” The article explains how “the historic leader in primetime cable ratings, Fox News, was dominated” by a video shot by Carlson in his home studio.

They said that “the unemployed man reportedly posted the basement selfie video on Twitter around 7 p.m., and by 7:02 p.m. had gained more viewers than the entire Fox News primetime lineup.” They said that the “top brass” was panicking about Carlson’s success before sharing a manufactured quote.

They said a fictitious Fox News producer complained that they had been “demolished” and added that their “viewers abandoned [them] in droves to watch” Carlson’s video, which featured a “dude jawing in his basement.” 

“We’re in trouble,” they added.

Unfortunately, reality is not too far from satire in this case .

It’s “possible” Carlson continues to reach more people on Twitter than on Fox News

Carlson has been reaching an unprecedented number of people on Twitter and his monologue is going further than it ever has before. Social media analyst and co-founder of Near Media, Greg Sterling, gave his perspective on Carlson’s success.

“Carlson’s nightly audience on Fox was just over three million viewers. He’s got almost eight million followers on Twitter,” Sterling said, before adding that “it’s possible that his ‘show’ on Twitter could reach comparable audiences.” However, he did say he thought it was “unlikely.”

Sterling does not seem to believe in Carlson’s new outlet on Twitter. He described the platform as “a pretty toxic environment for advertisers” and said he “doubts” that other major names in the news media will follow his lead. He said “YouTube is a much more viable platform in that regard.”

That hasn’t stopped Musk from continuing to recruit people to broadcast on his platform. Following Carlson’s success, he urged people like Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon to also host a show on Twitter.

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