The Biden campaign plans to celebrate this murderous day in hopes it will win him re-election

Screenshot via Youtube, CSPAN

The more Democrats study current polling, the more desperate they become about President Joe Biden’s re-election chances. 

Every indication suggests they believe that “desperate times call for desperate measures.” 

That’s why the Biden campaign plans to celebrate this murderous day in hopes it will win him re-election. 

Democrats putting all their eggs in this basket

One of the lasting legacies of Donald Trump’s first term in the White House was appointing the three Supreme Court Justices who titled the High Court to the Right and led to the reversal of the unconstitutional Roe v. Wade verdict.

A study from the pro-abortion Society of Family Planning estimated that 32,000 babies were saved in just the first six-months following the Dobbs decision. 

And while returning abortion policy decisions to the states has undoubtedly saved the lives of the pre-born, it hasn’t been kind to Republicans at the ballot box.

While the GOP has fumbled its Pro-Life messaging, Democrats have been extremely effective at fearmongering to rally their base to the polls and vote for radical abortion on-demand candidates.

Exit polling showed abortion was one of the key reasons a red wave didn’t materialize in the 2022 Midterms.

And abortion candidates and abortion laws as ballot referendums also succeeded all over the country in the 2023 off-year elections.

With those results in mind, it now appears that the Biden campaign is pinning all their 2024 re-election hopes on abortion once again carrying the day.

The White House is celebrating a long history of killing babies

January 22 was the anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. 

And in the hopes of energizing their radical base, the President and Vice President are celebrating that fateful and deadly day.

The National Pulse reported that Vice President Kamala Harris headlined an abortion rally in the swing state of Wisconsin to mark the 51st anniversary of the unconstitutional Roe decision.  

Meanwhile, according to the National Pulse, Harris also joined President Joe Biden and his wife for another abortion rally the next day in northern Virginia. 

“Trump directly paved the way for Republican extremists across the country to enact draconian bans that are hurting women and threatening doctors,” President Biden said. 

Democrat-run Washington D.C., Colorado, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, and Vermont, as well as red state Alaska, all allow abortion up to the point of birth – a policy with very little support in any recently conducted polling on abortion attitudes in America. 

But for Biden and his campaign, his best chance of winning another four years in the White House could be gaslighting Americans about abortion policy. 

And if former President Donald Trump continues alienating Pro-Life voters by parroting leftist lines and calling the Heartbeat Bill “extreme,” then he could end up helping Biden’s cause. 

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