The Biden family is in panic mode after this top Representative fired a powerful warning shot

When it comes to political crime families, few are as dubious as the Bidens. 

Over the last half-century or so, the Bidens have done the unthinkable to seize power, and have not been held accountable one bit. 

But the Biden family is in panic mode after this top Representative fired a powerful warning shot.

The time to hold Joe Biden and his family accountable is way past due

It is no secret that politics is a dirty game. 

But the actual scope of what many entrenched political families get away with is incredible. 

Few are worse than Joe Biden and his family, who have gotten away with an awful lot under the radar. 

Fortunately, Joe Biden and his crime family’s days may be numbered. 

Just recently James Comer, who represents Kentucky’s 1st District in the House of Representatives, dropped a truth bomb on Joe Biden. 

In regards to the breaking news about Hunter Biden’s laptop story being covered up he wrote, “We are investigating the domestic and international business dealings of President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, and other Biden associates and family members to determine whether these activities compromise US national security and President Biden’s ability to lead with impartiality.” 

Later on, James Comer took to Fox News where he said “if we take the majority this November, we are going to ask the CEO’s of the five different banks to come before the House Oversight Committee and tell us why exactly they filed those suspicious activity reports.”

He then added, “then we can take appropriate steps to hold the Biden family accountable for all of the influence peddling they have been doing for years.” 

This is a major development in the Hunter Biden laptop fiasco and indicates a major step in the right direction.

What it will take to finally hold the Bidens accountable

Although Rep. Comer’s words are a major encouragement, there is still one major caveat – the GOP does not control the House of Representatives. 

This November, voters have an opportunity to change that. 

But the results are far from certain as many races have tightened up significantly over the last month or two. 

However, if Republicans are able to take back the House, then heads will almost certainly roll. 

The Biden administration has a lot of explaining to do between the laptop scandal, the arguably illegal FBI raid, and everything else they have done illegally since taking office. 

This is terrifying for Joe Biden and his cronies in Washington, D.C., which is why he is rushing to gain popularity by giving money away in the form of student loan forgiveness. 

The scary thing is, it seems to be working, as many approval rating polls are slowly tightening up, which is flat-out awful timing for Republicans. 

Republican Congressional candidates are going to need to step up their game if they hope to make this November a success story. 

Either way, America is in need of desperate change, and Americans should not have to tolerate such rampant corruption from the Biden family. 

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