The Biden regime made one move to enrich brutal dictatorships over American workers that’ll drive you insane

Democrats have proven time and again that they view forcing their radical left-wing agenda on the world as a bigger priority than doing what’s right.

But now they’ve completely jumped the shark.

And the Biden regime made one move to enrich brutal dictatorships over American workers that’ll drive you insane.

Not so “green”

No Presidential administration in American history has gone as all-in on authoritarianism as the Biden regime has over the past two years.

They’re hell-bent on forcing as much of their radical left-wing agenda on not just America, but the world at large, and that starts with their extremist environmental policies, like the Green New Deal.

At the top of their environmental insanity to-do list is obviously their efforts to ban all gas-powered vehicles in favor of electric vehicles.

But in order to produce enough lithium ion batteries and other materials needed to make that dream a reality, a near endless stream of precious metals, like lithium, cobalt, nickel, and copper.

The only problem with that is the process of producing those materials isn’t exactly “green” by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact, as Berkeley Earth climate scientist Zeke Hausfather pointed out last summer, producing electric vehicles can cause more displacement and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions than the production of regular gas-powered cars.

“There are carbon dioxide and other greenhouse emissions that come with the process of extraction,” Hausfather admitted. “[It’s] not like CO2 comes out of the lithium, but it does take energy to mine things — today many of those systems involve emitting CO2.”

And because the mining and other operations needed to produce those precious metals needed for EVs don’t exactly fit into Democrats’ radical environmentalist agenda, the Biden regime has blocked every single attempt to open mining operations for these precious metals in the U.S.

Currently, just 19 copper mining operations make up 99% of U.S. copper production, while there is but one nickel mine, one lithium mine, and one cobalt mine operational in the country.

And help isn’t on the way thanks to the Biden regime’s efforts and at least a 10-year process for approval created by burdensome federal regulations.

But rather than doing the right thing, changing course, and allowing mining in the U.S., the Biden regime took a different path, choosing instead to use your tax dollars to fund mining operations controlled by brutal dictatorships who use child labor.

Democrats’ child labor scandal

Recently, the Biden regime announced that it had signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with Zambia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to supposedly strengthen the U.S. supply chain for materials needed to produce EVs.

“Through this MOU, the United States will support the commitment between the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Zambia to develop jointly a supply chain for electric vehicle batteries,” the Biden State Department said in a statement.

As the Daily Caller pointed out, though, those are “two countries known for mining rare metals cobalt and copper and using child labor to mine these metals.”

“But the mines producing the metals for these electric vehicle batteries are run largely by child labor, according to the Department of Labor,” the Daily Caller reported. “In Congo, “Thousands of children also work in cobalt and copper mines in the southern Copperbelt region,” the department says.”

“The department also notes that, while the exact numbers are unknown, between 5,000 and 35,000 children work in artisanal cobalt mines,” the report continued.

Meanwhile, in Zambia, “illegal mining syndicates, called jerabo gangs, in the Copperbelt province employ children for mining activities, including forcing children to load trucks with stolen copper ore,” while “commercial sexual exploitation of children is common, particularly along Zambia’s borders and transit corridors,” the Department of Labor noted.

And to make matters even worse – if that’s even possible – the Biden regime chose to put a cherry on top of this insanity sundae by following their pro-child labor announcement with news that they’ve prohibited mining in another 200,000+ acres of land in Minnesota from being mined in the name of “waterway protection,” effectively canceling a major mining project in the state.

Thus far, Democrat-controlled states such as California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, and Washington, D.C. have already unilaterally decided to ban gas-powered vehicles as soon as 2035.

Somehow, it apparently makes sense to deranged left-wing radicals to mandate EVs – even though supply chains for precious metals are already creating manufacturing issues and driving up the price of the already overpriced EVs in the middle of a looming recession – while banning the production of those materials in the U.S., and sending what will end up being billions of American tax dollars to brutal dictatorships to use child labor to make sure left-wing, college-educated ruling class elites have enough luxury EVs to go around.

How is this “better” for anyone, much less the child slaves?

Left-wing radicals are seriously so invested in their newfound religion of environmental extremism that they are perfectly content to exploit child labor and pal around with brutal dictatorships to make it happen.

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