“The City of Light” may see the lights go down forever thanks to these outrageous policies

European governments are turning the lights out.

They have forcibly mandated energy shutdowns for private residences and businesses alike.

And now “The City of Light” may see the lights go down forever thanks to these outrageous policies.

A history of risky green energy policies

Unfortunately, turning the lights out at the Eiffel Tower is going to be the norm.

Former German chancellor Angela Merkel recently commented that she had zero regrets on energy policies in place during her reign.

Germany led the charge on the EU’s misguided energy policy.

And it has been a disaster that influenced other EU members.

That disastrous policy included a large dependence on Russian gas.

Because of their reliance on cheap Russian gas, they began to phase out domestic nuclear and coal power.

Now gas and electric bills have all nearly doubled across major EU cities.

And blackouts are going to be more and more common.

With energy insecurity, Europeans are trying to get creative to stay warm during the brutal European winter months.

Where do they go from here?

The disastrous “energy blackmail” taking place with Russia could have been avoided.

The European energy supply has been strained in multiple ways.

Europe has increased renewable energy consumption.

Their plan was to hit net-zero emissions by 2050.

With over 60 percent of EU energy coming from outside countries, including Russia, they need to cut their dependance to survive.

Existing operable nuclear reactors can be found in multiple EU countries.

Boost the power from existing reactors to combat Russian energy dependence.

Coal-fired power plants can produce the energy needed to keep warm this winter.

And with sky-high energy bills, many have started burning wood.

Burning firewood is a straight-forward solution to keep heating systems going.

Europe is in for a tough winter, and Americans should take the energy crisis in Europe seriously.

Big warning for American energy policy

The energy catastrophe unfolding in Europe should be a clear warning to the United States.

Obviously, energy independence should be a priority.

With inflation from Biden bucks, Americans are already footing higher energy bills.

But so-called “green energy” policies that rely solely on renewable energies are not the way.

And oil and gas reliance from hostile forces, like Russia and China, would be a death sentence.

We can help stop the bleeding right now.

It is time for the Biden Administration to admit we have an energy crisis here already.

Stop the consequences of Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act and the EPA’s new agenda.

We can keep reliable and affordable energy on the table for Americans right now.

Delay the closures of power plants and coal plants in the United States.

Like the Eiffel Tower, Americans don’t want their lights being cut off to be the norm.

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