The crowd was in tears when this one Army veteran got the surprise of his life during a baseball game

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Our nation has turned a blind eye to Veterans for far too long. 

That’s why it’s great to see someone making a difference in the lives of those who gave it all for this nation. 

And the crowd was in tears when this one Army veteran got the surprise of his life during a baseball game.

If it wasn’t for our veterans, we wouldn’t be here

Despite all the faults that our nation has, the United States is still the shining city on the hill that half the world despises because of its greatness. 

A lot of people around the world desire to end our country and our way of life as we know it, and the only thing stopping them is a line of troops within our military. 

These troops give their blood, sweat, tears, and time to make sure that we are protected.

But throughout the decades, our veterans haven’t been treated very well. 

When they returned from Vietnam, they were disgraced and even spat on by the people who lead this nation today. 

Secretary of State John Kerry himself protested against soldiers and their actions when they came home from Vietnam.

Even to this day, our veterans are despised by many people in this nation. 

Our nation is supposed to give them benefits for their sacrifice, but many of those benefits are repulsive since veterans struggle to find healthcare for the injuries they sustained and many have a hard time transitioning from a combative environment to a citizen lifestyle. 

That’s why it’s so rewarding to see stories about veterans being the beneficiaries of acts of kindness.

And during a recent college baseball game, a veteran got the surprise of his life that you have to see. 

One veteran got the surprise of his life

Retired Sgt. Corey Jenkins served in the Army from 2008 to 2013. 

Those years were rough for many service members who had to deal with the combative environment of Afghanistan and Iraq.

During the  LSU vs. Samford college baseball game last Friday, Jenkins had the opportunity to throw out the first pitch. 

This would be special for many people since throwing out the first pitch is an honor bestowed to a very select few. 

But Jenkins also went home with one big addition to his life. 

Thanks to Super Chevy and the Military Warriors Support Foundation, Jenkins was given a new Chevy Traverse. 

“It caught me off guard, it looked like something my family would do,” Jenkins said when asked about the surprise. “It was more overwhelming than anything because I’ve been in situations similar to this and I’m just grateful and didn’t expect this. I just expected to come throw the pitch and enjoy myself.”

Society needs more acts of kindness like this for our veterans. 

If you know a veteran, try to do something special for them today to show your appreciation for the sacrifice they gave for this nation. 

Should our nation help veterans more?