The Fake News Media was caught red-handed spreading bigger lies benefiting Biden

According to the Democrat Party’s public relations wing, otherwise known as the Fake News Media, the so-called “Big Lie,” is that Joe Biden stole the 2020 Presidential election. 

But those same media members are known to stretch the truth to fit their chosen political narrative. 

And now the Fake News Media was caught red-handed spreading bigger lies benefiting Biden. 

Democrats are searching for a savior

All the traditional indicators used to predict election results point to a major Red Wave coming this November. 

And with President Joe Biden and Democrats not faring well on the issues mattering most in polling for American voters – inflation, gas prices, jobs, the economy – they’re hanging their hat on violating the Second Amendment, the kangaroo court January 6 Select Committee and protecting “pregnant people’s” ability to kill babies. 

That’s a hard pitch to make during a likely recession and the highest inflation in four decades. 

Step in the Fake News Media and their Democrat Party activists parading as “journalists.” 

First, they led voters to believe the reversal of Roe v. Wade made abortion illegal across the United States. 

Now that people are starting to understand, that what the Supreme Court really did was return the decisions on abortion policies to the states, corporate-controlled media outlets are passing along a new lie. 

Journalists confuse miscarriage with abortion

They’re now “reporting,” due to the SCOTUS ruling, women may start being arrested for having miscarriages. 

However, the truth is, that is not happening anywhere in America. 

The Media Research Center’s Newsbusters has been tracking the growing fabrication. 

On a recent episode of This Week, Jon Karl warned, “Will there be prosecutions of women who cross state lines to get abortion, or even investigations of miscarriages?” 

The same exact day, over on Meet the Press, Chuck Todd asked Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, “What about for miscarriages?”

“The treatment for miscarriages looks very similar to the treatment of abortion,” Todd continued. “Is there going to be a department in Arkansas that— that inspects all miscarriages or investigates miscarriages?” 

Even the RINO Governor quickly rejected Todd’s question as nonsense. 

“No. Absolutely not,” Hutching responded. “This is simply about abortion.” 

Elsewhere, the hosts on Good Morning America didn’t say a word when radical leftist Congresswoman Jackie Speier of San Francisco recently made this false claim. 

“So, every woman who has a miscarriage today is going to be weighed as to whether or not that physician is going to, to take the action necessary because of fear of criminalization,” Rep. Speier said. “Every time there’s an ectopic pregnancy, a similar question is going to be raised and the life of the mother is at risk in many of these situations.”

On CBS Mornings, Gayle King made the same fake warning.

“Now yesterday, the Department of Health and Human Services told hospitals they must provide such services for emergency conditions like ectopic pregnancies and complications of pregnancy losses even in states where abortion is banned with no exceptions,” King said. 

Fact checking the “fact checkers”

The fact is, all these claims are pure works of fiction.  

There isn’t a single state in America where miscarriages fall under the purview of “induced abortions.” 

Furthermore, 48 of the 50 states have clear exceptions for induced abortion if a mother’s life is in serious jeopardy.

As for ectopic pregnancies, those are not viable future babies, meaning that they are not part of abortion restrictions in any state statutes. 

In an op-ed piece, even The New York Times has to admit “the 13 current state-level abortion bans make exemptions for medical emergencies like ectopic pregnancy.”

Do you trust Big Media’s reporting on abortion?