The federal government just got caught using this sneaky tactic to circumvent the Constitution

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Under the direction of Joe Biden, the intelligence apparatus is attacking the American people.

Protesters, parents, and preachers are being targeted for what the Left considers dissenting opinions.

But the federal government just got caught using this sneaky tactic to circumvent the Constitution.

Consumer data brings new issues in defining what privacy and personal property is

The Constitution was written to protect the people from unwarranted attacks by the government against their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. These bedrock principles are what keep our country prosperous and give our people the ability to chart the path of the government.

The Fourth Amendment specifically prohibits unreasonable search and seizure. This gives us the right to privacy and property and protects these rights from ever being encroached on by out-of-control branches of the federal government. This is crucial to the security of the citizenry.

But we live in a time where the definition of privacy and property are becoming vague and leading to dangerous circumstances. People’s behaviors are monitored and monetized online. Companies are claiming a stake in this data and selling it to others. All of it flies in the face of the Constitution.

Now experts are warning that this technological age is giving Big Government a backdoor to our lives.

LexisNexis is employed by federal agencies to “surveil” without any crimes being committed

LexisNexis is a group that makes its money by sifting through and analyzing consumer data created online. They sell this information to other companies that wish to serve up effective advertisements. It’s now apparent that they also have customers in the public sector.

Newly released documents show a direct relationship between LexisNexis and the federal government. The documents reveal how US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are purchasing data from the company to aid in law enforcement at the southern border.

One of the founders at Just Futures Law, Julie Mao, discussed the program with The Intercept. She said this is “mass surveillance at its core.” She said it’s clear that the government is attempting to “surveil individuals where no crime has been committed.”

This was not the first indication that the government uses federal dollars to bypass the Constitution. 

Government agencies have been exploiting data brokers for nearly a decade

In a report released last year, The Intercept explained that “becoming a LexisNexis customer not only provides law enforcement with instant, easy access to a wealth of easily searchable data points on hundreds of millions of people, but also lets them purchase the data” without court orders.

The newly released documents detailed more than 1.2 million searches over a 7-month period. It shows that over 300,000 reports were generated through these searches, which expose people’s location, work history, family relationships, and other characteristics like political affiliation.

The House Energy & Commerce Committee said that this relationship helps agencies violate the Constitution as well as rules like HIPAA. They said “American privacy concerns in the data broker industry are not new,” before adding that “the laws need to be updated to address concerns.

These concerns date back nearly a decade, but it appears this issue will remain a problem for the foreseeable future.

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