The fight to restore sanity to the public education system is finally picking up steam on the Right

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American parents have lost total confidence that the public school system can educate their kids.

Woke school districts across the nation are replacing sound curriculum with social justice activism.

But the fight to restore sanity to the public education system is finally picking up steam on the Right.

Groups fight to remove sexually explicit content and racialized social justice materials from schools

The COVID-19 pandemic saw kids removed from their schools in 2020 and placed in a virtual learning environment inside their homes. 

It was a major challenge for many parents to balance their work schedule and the education of their children.

However, there was one silver lining.

Parents finally became aware of the radical woke ideologies that were being pushed on their children at school. 

The new focus on curriculum started a grassroots movement that has since brought national attention to the darkest parts of the Left’s plan to transform the minds of the next generation.

Advocacy groups like Parents Defending and the 1776 Project PAC are now fighting to remove sexually explicit content and racialized social justice materials from schools. 

These groups are helping turn parents into activists, and in some cases, political leaders.

Super Tuesday was a huge day of victory for pro-family activists

Last week, the nation was focused on Super Tuesday primaries that would further cement the nominees for the Presidential election in November. 

But some crucial races were overlooked by the national press, such as the victory of pro-family candidates fighting for political relevance.

In North Carolina, Michele Morrow, a homeschool mom and a fighter for parental rights, successfully primaried the Republican incumbent Superintendent of Public Instruction, Catherine Truitt. 

Morrow is described on her website as having become “known throughout North Carolina for working with voters and elected officials that protect parental rights and girls in sports.”

The Republican also touts her “16 years of classroom homeschool experience” that provided her the “expertise in developing robust high school curricula for civics, history, science, and English.” 

This was her second attempt to take a position of power in the North Carolina public education system. 

Morrow ran a 2022 campaign for Wake County School Board in 2022.

Now she is set to face off against Democrat challenger Mo Green in November.

Major victories for “pro-family and pro-homeschool candidates” in Texas

There was also a movement in Texas where the Texas HomeSchool Coalition (THSC) achieved a major victory in their state. 

The group saw multiple candidates working for parental rights take out incumbent House Representatives in the Texas legislature who stood in the way.

“Home school families saw vast numbers of pro-family and pro-homeschool candidates in Texas win their elections outright last night,” THSC said in a statement. 

The group celebrated victory in eight different districts across Texas as well as the statewide reelection of Texas Supreme Court Justice John Devine.

The fight isn’t over, with at least four of their favored candidates heading for run-off elections on May 4.

This is a huge step in the right direction after groups like the 1776 Project PAC have fought to “elect over 200 un-woke school board members over the last two years.” 

The fight against wokeness in schools is finally reaching a turning point.

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