The French election results sent shockwaves across the western world

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As Americans celebrated Independence Day, voters across Europe went to the ballot box.
In France, voters determined the future of their struggling nation Sunday in the second round of voting for the National Assembly elections. 

And the French election results sent shockwaves across the western world. 

Leftist riots demonstrate that anti-democratic Left-wing outrage was inevitable 

Many Americans name Independence Day as their favorite holiday, and for good reason. 

Cold beer, hot barbeque, fireworks, and time with loved ones on the water make for a holiday that is quintessentially American. 

As Americans celebrated 248 years of independence, voters in Great Britain went to the polls on July 4 and voters in France voted on July 7. 

In France, voters determined the makeup of their lower legislative house, the National Assembly, in the second round of voting on Sunday. 

Marine le Pen and her right-wing National Rally party secured the most votes, winning 37.1% and boosting their representation in the National Assembly from 89 seats to 142 seats. 

Meanwhile, the radical Left New Popular Front party secured the second most votes, winning 26.3% of the vote and boosting their representation from 131 seats to 188 seats. 

The biggest loser of Sunday’s elections was President Emmanuel Macron’s Ensemble party, which only managed to clutch 24.7% of the vote and lost 76 seats, which brings their current representation down to 161 seats. 

Although Marine le Pen made international headlines for her success in the European elections and in the first round on June 30, many have labeled the results from the weekend as a blow to her and the National Rally. 

Nonetheless, le Pen and her allies gained 53 seats and won more votes than any other party, which exposed the flaws in the French electoral system. 

Even though the French Left and moderates benefitted from this flawed system, many took to the streets to riot in Paris and other large cities. 

These riots outraged many in France and showed that the Left would riot and pillage the national capital regardless of the results. 

The top issues in this election included immigration and the economy.  

Like other western nations, France has seen massive upticks in immigration, which many experts have linked to increased crime and inflation. 

Since no party won a flat-out majority, the French National Assembly sits in a state of gridlock. 

Why Americans should care about the seemingly distant French elections 

For many Americans, the French election results mean very little to them. 

However, these elections help to provide extremely valuable insight into major shifts occurring within western politics. 

Although it may seem as if right-wing candidates such as le Pen have momentum, the Left remains very well-funded and mobilized. 

American voters should take note and not give too much credence to poll numbers as November approaches. 

Joe Biden’s poor debate performance certainly did not help him, but Democrats still have plenty of time to shift the dynamics of this election. 

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