The future Mayor of Chicago responded to the weekend of violence with one outrageous statement that put jaws on the floor

Screenshot via YouTube, MSNBC

It seems like the country is falling into total and complete anarchy at every level of government. 

Democrat-run cities are letting criminals run free every while prosecuting the victims of their crimes.

But the future Mayor of Chicago responded to the weekend of violence with one outrageous statement that put jaws on the floor.

Videos of violence in Chicago go viral following “Teenage Takeover”

Chicago has never been known as a safe place to live, but no one ever expected that it would get this bad. So far, the city has seen at least 152 homicides in 2023, which is roughly two per day. But now that things are warming up, mobs of unruly teenagers are taking over the streets of downtown Chicago.

Over the weekend, two male minors were shot when hundreds of teenagers mobbed the streets. 

The shootings occurred as a result of what has been called a “Teenage Takeover.” The violent event saw rampant theft, fighting, and vandalism. Police arrested nine adults and six juveniles on a variety of charges ranging from reckless conduct to vehicle theft and unlawful use of firearms. 

The event was publicized on social media and videos of the violence went viral. Except for one notable person, this led to widespread condemnation.

Mayor-elect sides with looters

Mayor-Elect Brandon Johnson released a statement on Twitter in response to the viral videos of the rioting. He led his statement with the caveat that he doesn’t “condone” the behavior in the videos and then proceeded to make victims out of the criminals.

“Our city must work together to create spaces for youth to gather safely and responsibly, under adult guidance and supervision,” his statement read. He believes that the city is not “livable for everyone” and that has led to these misguided youths to act in this manner.

He also issued a response to anyone who was criticizing the mobs of teenagers destroying the city. Johnson said that no one should “demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.” 

Rather than condemning the actions by the violent looters, Johnson condemned the city of Chicago for not affording these kids more opportunity.

His statement led to public outrage on the social media platform.

Violent teenagers in the video have been “programmed” by Democrats

“Chicago will see more of this with Brandon Johnson as Mayor. The exodus of businesses, residents and visitors from downtown is only going to get worse. Lawlessness is becoming rampant,” one user wrote in response to the violent rioting.

Prominent conservative user and journalist Mike Cernovich lamented that “these videos exist.” He went on to suggest that “Democrats are programming a group of people to hate. The Mayor elect of Chicago said you can’t ‘demonize these children.’”

Will Chamberlain, a Senior Counsel for the Internet Accountability Project, said that “mobs of roving youth are beating up civilians in the main downtown area and the mayor’s focus is ensuring that the perpetrators are not ‘demonized.’” He added that everyone should feel “despair” over what’s happening in Chicago.

What happened in Chicago is only a small glimpse of what happens in Democrat-run cities on a daily basis.

Unfortunately, it’s only going to get worse from here.

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