The global elitist who coined “The Great Reset” is now calling for a new global “transformation”

No matter what you believe about COVID’s origins there’s no denying the global ruling class took full advantage of the opportunity to expand their power.

They saw an opening to force more of their left-wing agenda on the world and they took it.

But the global elitist who coined “The Great Reset” is now calling for a new global “transformation.”

Tyranny creeps in inch by inch

Last week, the most evil, demented, power-hungry, maniacal, corrupt, and downright vile bunch of elitists on planet Earth once again gathered in Devos, Switzerland for the World Economic Forum.

As Elon Musk put it, when you boil it all down, the World Economic Forum has become nothing more than “an unelected world government that the people never asked for and don’t want.”

In fact, it was WEF founder Klaus Schwab who originally termed the coin – and literally wrote the book on – “The Great Reset” during COVID to push ruling class elites around the globe to use the opportunity they’ve been given to seize power under the guise of “public safety” to force the Left’s radical “woke” down the world’s throats.

Needless to say, all it took was one speech from ol’ Klaus and left-wing elitists, like President Joe Biden and the rest of the global ruling class gang, bent over backwards to fulfill their marching orders.

And now, the real life Bond villain has decided to send out another international decree at this year’s World Economic Forum.

Earlier this week, Schwab urged the elected officials, corporate executives, and self-proclaimed “journalists” attending the WEF to seize on the “opportunity” created by the world’s current economic and geopolitical challenges to initiate “transformation.”

“We are confronted with unprecedented and multiple challenges,” Schwab declared. “First, our global economy is undergoing deep transformation. The energy transition, the consequences of COVID, the reshaping of supply chains are all serving as catalytic forces for the economic transformation.”

Apparently, Schwab is of the belief that corporations and social media companies are now among the “messy patchwork” of superpowers, emerging powers, and rogue states “all competing increasingly for power and influence.”

And obviously, when you run one of the global organizations angling to implement a one-world government, that can only be interpreted as a call-to-action amongst the ruling class to begin seizing more power from those companies, while limiting free speech.

“Collective responsibility”

From there, Klaus ticked off all of the ruling class’ greatest hits.

He called for a “greener” and “more sustainable economy,” while pushing for more government spending in “hard and soft infrastructure” – which are the code words Democrats began using during the 2021 fight over infrastructure in order to disguise the fact that they were now unilaterally declaring that all of their left-wing socialist spending sprees are “infrastructure.”

“The spirit of Davos is positive and constructive. It means investing into a greener and therefore more sustainable economy, investing into a more cohesive society by providing everyone with the appropriate skills and opportunities, investing into the hard and soft infrastructure that modern societies require,” he said. “Through collective responsibility, innovation, and human goodwill and ingenuity, we have the capacity to turn such challenges into opportunities.”

And by “collective responsibility,” Schwab is, of course, referring to the redistribution of wealth amongst the working class in order to make everyone below the ruling class equally poor, while the ruling class elites continue to live in the lap of luxury up in their ivory towers.

Ultimately, the ruling class elites in every nation around the world have now been given their marching orders.

The cabal of global elitists who gave the world “The Great Reset” are now pushing for a new “transformation” whether you like it or not.

And if “The Great Reset” was any indication, things are only going to get worse from here.

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