The GOP plans a “reset” to prepare for the upcoming November elections

For several months now, the GOP was almost certain that a November Midterm sweep was all but guaranteed.

But Democrats are gaining ground.

Now the GOP plans a “reset” to prepare for the upcoming November elections.

Major attitude shifts within the GOP are happening now

The GOP is focusing on new strategies to help them get some wins in the Midterms.

The Party is moving funds around, changing its messaging, and working on promoting an optimistic tone to entice voters this November.

On Monday, Mitch McConnell told reporters that he picks three candidates every summer he believes have “the best shot at winning.”

McConnell invited the three frontrunners he chose this year to attend a fundraiser held in Kentucky to raise money for their campaigns.

McConnell’s three picks are Mehmet Oz (Pennsylvania), Herschel Walker (Georgia), and Ted Budd (North Carolina).

All three candidates are backed by Donald Trump, but they’re struggling to beat their opponents according to some recent opinion polls.

While helping these candidates through fundraising makes sense, two of them have been mired in controversy, namely Oz and Walker.

Aside from the candidates’ controversies, the Democrat Party has been blasting its recent election wins all over the media.

Some polls are also showing Democrats leading in states like Ohio, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

As things start to look grim for the GOP, McConnell and other long-time politicians are changing their tone from one of concern to one of optimism.

Ultimately, members of the GOP are rebranding their rhetoric and refocusing on how to get more effective messaging across to suburban swing voters. 

Republicans are making changes to their attitude and their funds

The new positive outlook that Republicans are promoting is just one way the party is making changes to prepare for the midterms.

GOP super PAC, the Senate Leadership Fund, recently eliminated approximately $8 million worth of ads in Arizona.

But another group affiliated with the Senate Leadership Fund, One Nation, is spending over $10 million on TV, radio, and digital ads in important states, including the state of Arizona.

The Senate Leadership Fund did add another $9.5 million to fund the race in Pennsylvania, where Mehmet Oz (also known as Dr. Oz) is currently trailing candidate John Fetterman (D).

On the other hand, they removed $1.7 million in advertising funding from Alaska, where the PAC feels incumbent Lisa Murkowski is still “in a very strong position.”

The National Republican Senatorial Committee also recently changed its funding, removing $10 million in ads from Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Arizona.

However, they did pay over $4 million for TV ads running in Pennsylvania, indicating strong support for the Republican candidate there.

Extra funds are also being funneled to Ohio, where a Republican win was once thought of as a guarantee.

The shifting of funds has some concerned about McConnell’s commitment to Trump-backed candidates, seeing it as a proxy war between the two with McConnell hoping to blame their defeat on Trump rather than his decision to stab conservatives in the back by passing a massive gun control package.

According to one recent poll, Democrats are now favored to win control of the Senate with a percentage of 66 points over the Republicans’ 34 points. 

Conservatives are going to have to buckle down and turn out at the polls in November if they hope to send Chuck Schumer packing. 

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