The Heritage Foundation is sounding alarm bells about the U.S. Military in this shocking new report

All the so-called “experts” in the media told Americans for years that Donald Trump was going to bring us to World War III.

It’s apparent that Joe Biden and the radical Left are the ones who are pushing to bring our country into a global conflict.

Now the Heritage Foundation is sounding alarm bells about the U.S. Military in this shocking new report.

The Heritage Foundation President warns US Army is “aging” faster than “modernizing”

The Heritage Foundation just released its annual report on the state of our military and its ability to meet growing national security threats at home and abroad.

Their report says that we are in a dire situation brought on by “years of sustained use, underfunding, poorly defined priorities, wildly shifting security policies, exceedingly poor discipline in program execution, and profound lack of seriousness across the national security establishment . . .”

The organization warns that, “the Army is aging faster than it is modernizing,” which doesn’t bode well in an era where everything is about modernization and technological innovation.

Kevin Robert, President of the Heritage Foundation, warned that “we’re having a very hard time” with recruitment because of the woke agenda that one particular movement in this country prioritizes over American military readiness.

Navy only has 75% of the ships that it should and it’s projected to shrink

The report also details a capacity issue within the Army and Navy. 

It says the Army “remains weak in capacity with only 62 percent of the force it should have,” while the Navy should have 400 battle-ready ships it only has 298 and it is still shrinking.

It goes on to explain that “current and forecasted levels of funding will prevent the Navy from altering its decline unless Congress undertakes extraordinary efforts to increase assured funding for several years.”

While the overall score for the Army remained at marginal, the Navy’s score decreased, taking it from marginal to weak.

The Air Force got the lowest score based on their lack of readiness – they were ranked overall as very weak. 

The Air Force needs about 650 more pilots and their pilots need more training. 

The report indicates that pilots rarely fly more than one time a week. 

The Marines are the only branch with good news to report. 

They increased their overall score from marginal in 2021 to strong in 2022.

They are nearly finished modernizing their entire fleet in aviation and have been upgrading amphibious vehicles. 

They’ve also been looking to expand on anti-ship and anti-air weapons.

US Rep. Gallagher says “to avoid war” we must be “capable and willing” to wage it

Kevin Robert further stressed, “the existential threat in the world, which is the Chinese Communist Party, obviously, rejuvenated after Xi Jinping’s reelection on Sunday, the United States needs to get busy in fixing this problem.”

He also said, “There is no way, as our scholars report, that the United States can engage in a two-front war. And in fact, we’re increasingly dubious that we could even engage in a single front war because of this lack of readiness.”

Former Marine and US Rep. Mike Gallagher recently said the issue is “we lack leadership in the White House, that understands the paradox at the heart of deterrence. That to avoid war, you must convince your adversary that you are both capable and willing to wage war.”

We’re clearly on the edge of multilateral conflict and Americans need to be more aware of the potential consequences for major geopolitical missteps. 

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