The left-wing outrage mob rioted over this conservative’s speech at UC Davis. And who provoked it will drive you up a wall.

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It’s no longer surprising to see the left-wing outrage mob rioting and attempting to burn down entire American cities.

However, one aspect of the Left’s latest foray into domestic terrorism stood out above the rest.

But the left-wing outrage mob just rioted over this conservative’s speech at UC Davis. And who provoked it will drive you up a wall.

Democrats’ war on free speech continues

Democrats have long targeted anyone who dares to disagree with their radical left-wing agenda as “fascists.” 

But oddly enough, they’re simultaneously implementing their own form of fascism.

You see, Democrats have made it their mission to not only win elections, but to also destroy any opposition to their agenda through their policing of words and attempts to make whatever they deem to be “misinformation” illegal.

As a result, Democrats have empowered their minions in their left-wing outrage mob to use violence and intimidation to silence anyone they disagree with.

That was on full display earlier this week when left-wing extremists at UC Davis rioted and attempted to destroy the campus because Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk was scheduled to speak at an event.

Kirk posted a video of the ordeal from inside the venue that showed left-wing activists carrying banners that said “Queers Bash Back” and “Bash Fash” while attempting to smash through a set of glass doors as police tried fending them off.

Another video posted by Turning Point reporter Rebecca Brannon showed police being forced to tackle masked Antifa domestic terrorists carrying what appeared to be spray paint in an effort to get the situation under control.

The left-wing radical behind the riot

Turning Point reporter Savanah Hernandez also posted a video in which a line of left-wing radicals attempts to advance towards the building by confronting police officers with umbrellas, banners, and other items.

It was chaos, but it was chaos that could have all been avoided if not for the actions of one supposed adult.

As Breitbart pointed out, the riot came on the heels of a video released earlier in the day by UC Davis Chancellor Gary S. May.

In the video, May addressed what he claimed were “distresses” expressed to him and others about Kirk’s presence on campus.

But rather than ease the tensions, he proceeded to claim Kirk was a “well-documented proponent of misinformation and hate” and falsely claimed that he previously “advocated for violence against transgender individuals.”

May added that while UC Davis “can’t control how these groups [TPUSA] operate,” the campus community can “work together to neutralize and negate their influence.”

The left-wing radicals at UC Davis certainly took their school’s Chancellor at his word.

And he should be held accountable as such.

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