The Left’s response to the latest Fetterman health update will have you rolling on the floor laughing

Photo by Governor Tom Wolf, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Flickr,

If John Fetterman had a real job, he would have used up all of his paid time off in the first quarter of the year. 

But that is not stopping Democrats and their friends in Big Media from celebrating the job Fetterman is not showing up to do.

And the Left’s response to the latest Fetterman health update will have you rolling on the floor laughing. 

Pennsylvania is down a Senator

Just days before he won the Democrat Primary for Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate seat, then-Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman suffered a massive and life-threatening stroke.

The stroke left the radical Democrat unable to comprehend or speak coherent sentences. 

Fetterman’s medical condition was a big issue in his General Election campaign against Dr. Mehmet Oz.

However, despite his obvious cognitive impairment, Pennsylvania voters handed Fetterman a 4.5 point victory over Oz.

It didn’t take long for the GOP warnings about Fetterman’s health to prove true. 

While attending a Democrat retreat in early February, Fetterman became lightheaded and had to be hospitalized for a week. 

But he was back in the hospital a couple of weeks later after he checked himself in for depression.

Fetterman stayed at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for five weeks and has been recovering from home for the last couple of weeks. 

After four months in office, Fetterman has only shown up for roughly three weeks.

Fetterman is finally returning to work

However, Politico is reporting that Fetterman’s return to the Senate is expected sometime this week.

Interestingly, despite zero accomplishments, his fellow Democrats are treating his return like Willis Reed making his way out of the locker room to lead the New York Knicks to victory in the playoffs. 

“It was just remarkable how good he looked, how good he sounded,” Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey said. “My sense is he’ll be in better shape than he was even before his stroke. He’s really, really in good shape.” 

While Democrats are excited to have Fetterman back, they’re not giving one of the standard bearers of their Party the same treatment. 

Feinstein is not getting the Fetterman treatment

Democrat Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) has been casting far-Left votes in the Upper Chamber since 1992. 

The six-term Senator has already announced she will retire at the end of this term rather than face voters in 2024. 

But that’s not fast enough for Democrats.

Because she is 89 years old, Democrats believe she should resign and not serve out the remainder of this term.

“It’s time for Sen. Feinstein to resign,” Democrat Ro Khanna of California tweeted. “We need to put the country ahead of personal loyalty. While she has had a lifetime of public service, it is obvious she can no longer fulfill her duties. Not speaking out undermines our credibility as elected representatives of the people.”

But as many conservatives have pointed out, Khanna and his fellow Democrats have no issue with the fact that Fetterman has shown an inability to fulfill his duties. 

In the short weeks Fetterman has actually shown up to work, Politico reported that the Senator needed to use transcription technology to help him talk to colleagues and conduct other Senate business. 

While Feinstein is getting shown to the door, Fetterman is receiving the red-carpet rollout. 

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