The “monsters” in this child’s closet led her parents to one shocking surprise

Denis Carrascosa, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Many children fear the mysterious “monsters” that might be lurking in their closets or under their beds.

Most of the time, these frightening myths and legends turn out to be a figment of their imagination.

But the “monsters” in this child’s closet led her parents to one shocking surprise.

“Monsters” lead North Carolina parents to discover 50,000 bees in home

A North Carolina toddler told her mother that she thought she had “monsters” hiding in her bedroom closet.

However, the imaginary monsters were over 50,000 bees hiding inside a wall.

Ashley Massis Class, a mother of three children under four years old, said she and her husband investigated the “monsters” only to discover that there were swarms of bees flying into the attic of their home.

Once a pest control company and several beekeepers arrived to look into the issue, a thermal camera uncovered that the bees were swarming toward a massive hive they built inside the wall of their daughter’s room.

The sound of the bees had convinced the young girl that the noise was a “monster” hiding somewhere in her room.

“At first, I thought it was a body,” Massis Class told People Magazine. “I was like, ‘What is that?’ And he says he thinks it’s a hive.”

The honeybees had been constructing a hive in the wall for approximately eight months.

According to Massis Class, the beekeeper “didn’t even have his gear on yet, but he took a hammer and knocked into the wall. Bees came swarming out like a horror movie.”

“There were swarms of bees, and the wall where he hit was oozing honey. But it looked like blood because it was really, really dark, running down my daughter’s pink walls. It looked really strange,” she said.

Eventually, the beekeepers removed tens of thousands of bees and a massive honeycomb that weighed over 100 pounds.

Once the bees were contained, they were relocated to a sanctuary.

Massis Class documented the experience on TikTok.

After she shared her story, it went viral and caught the attention of several news outlets.

The toddler called the beekeeper “Mr. Monster Hunter” and her mother reassured her that he would remove all the bees.

Bees caused extensive damage

Although the family paid the professional beekeepers to remove the bees and the hive, they also found out they now have to make some major repairs to the home.

Overall, the honeybees and the honey they produced caused approximately $20,000 worth of damage to electrical wires.

The family said their homeowner’s insurance won’t cover the damages, which means they’ll need to pay out of pocket.

On the upside, the couple had been on leave from work since Massis Class had a baby just before the bees were discovered.

“I’m really thankful my husband and I are on leave right now and that we can deal with this situation. But at the same time, hearing the sound of humming bees on the other side of a door is kind of terrifying,” she added.

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