The My Pillow guy’s new conspiracy theory should stop everyone from taking him seriously ever again

My Pillow founder Mike Lindell is one of the biggest Trump supporters in America today.

He’s apparently also an absolutely insane person who just wants to see the world burn.

And the My Pillow guy’s new conspiracy theory should stop everyone from taking him seriously ever again.

This is why they tend to lose elections

Mike Lindell has now taken his support for former President Donald Trump to a level that does actually, truly put the future of not just the Republican Party, but the United States as a whole, in jeopardy.

You see, Lindell seems to believe that anyone who doesn’t bow down to Trump is an enemy, and as a result, he’s now doing Democrats’ dirty work by attempting to tear down Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for absolutely no reason at all other than he views DeSantis as a threat to Trump’s 2024 aspirations.

When Democrats win in 2024, it’ll be because of this mentality

Rather than focus on defeating Democrats – which Lindell barely lifted a finger to do, and Trump sat on over $100 million he raised under the guise of winning the Midterms for Republicans that could’ve put his endorsed candidates across the finish line – Lindell is focused on making Governor DeSantis into a criminal.

In a recent episode of Lindell TV’s The Lindell Report – Lindell is apparently the hero of his own movie – the My Pillow founder insinuated that he was now turning his focus from proving the 2020 election was “stolen” to proving that Governor DeSantis somehow “stole” his 2022 re-election win.

“What we’re doing now is, I’m going after Dade County in the 2022 election,” Lindell said. “And everyone says, ‘Well, why would you go after Dade County?’ This is where Ron DeSantis won Dade County, that’s a Republican won Dade County. Well, for me, I look at deviations, everybody. That’s a deviation.”

“I don’t believe it,” he claimed. “So I want to show – it’s gonna show everybody just like we always say about Democrats where they stole their elections, just like they did, the one nice lady in Georgia that got zero votes in her own precinct. I want to find out in Dade County, what happened there because it’s – it’s a deviation from norm, you know, it’s very much a deviation.”

That “deviation” Lindell speaks of is the fact that Ron DeSantis became the first Republican candidate for Governor to win Miami-Dade County in two decades, and he did it by winning the state’s largest county by 11-points.

America’s most popular Governor also won 62 of Florida’s 67 counties, including 59 counties by double digits.

But what Lindell seems to be completely incapable of comprehending is exactly how Ron DeSantis pulled off such a big win.

Make no mistake, DeSantis doesn’t pull off his win without Trump first establishing the America First playbook as an effective strategy – the former President is certainly due at least that credit.

But DeSantis was able to take that America First foundation, fortify the GOP’s conservative base, and then put it on steroids by being able to sell his “Freedom First” message to new audiences, while being a far more effective chief executive who was actually able to pass tangible legislation that would benefit working class citizens.

One simply cannot love everything Trump did while thinking DeSantis is somehow a threat to the America First agenda – the only way that’s possible is if your loyalty is more to a man than the country.

And with that being the case for many Trump loyalists, like Mike Lindell, Democrats and the corporate-controlled media will likely get the GOP civil war they’ve been salivating over.

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