The only federal candidate endorsed by Black Lives Matter is now in major trouble

Even though Black Lives Matter played an effective role in riling up the Left two years ago, now it appears as if their influence has significantly waned. 

So much so that only one candidate for the federal Midterm election coming up this November has been endorsed by this extremist group. 

But that sole BLM-endorsed candidate is now in major trouble after getting caught breaking several laws. 

The rise and fall of Black Lives Matter

Just over two years ago, Black Lives Matter re-emerged following the death of George Floyd. 

This extreme far-left group was quick to convince gullible leftists that America had a problem with “systemic racism” and that major change was needed. 

Unfortunately, they were very effective and successful at winning the hearts and minds of millions of Americans. 

They were also successful at raising hundreds of millions of dollars from these simple-minded social justice warriors. 

In the aftermath of the death of George Floyd, nearly every city in America was subject to riots and complete overhauls in their respective criminal justice systems. 

Many police departments also saw their already strained budgets slashed after these screeching leftists demanded that the police be defunded or even abolished. 

However, it did not take long for Americans to regret these drastic actions. 

Almost immediately, crime began to skyrocket in just about every part of America, and now many cities such as Denver and San Francisco are almost uninhabitable due to the outrageous crime levels. 

This spike in crime has caused many Americans to turn their backs on the Marxist policies and goals of Black Lives Matter and instead favor a more anti-crime stance. 

Black Lives Matter is now a shell of what it was a couple of years ago and its political influence has dimmed significantly. 

It also does not help Black Lives Matter that multiple embezzlement and fraud allegations have emerged from executive members, which has strained fundraising abilities. 

Black Lives Matter’s influence in the upcoming election

The Midterm elections are quickly approaching, and it appears that Republicans are poised to make significant gains in the House and perhaps the Senate. 

This is in large part due to the utter damage Joe Biden and his far-left administration have done to America. 

The backlash toward the failed policies of the Left is not boding well for Black Lives Matter’s political influence.

As it stands, there is only one singular candidate running for federal office who has the support of Black Lives Matter. 

That person is Karen Carter Peterson who served in the Louisiana State Senate for quite some time.  

However, just recently Peterson received some devastating news that is likely to derail her entire campaign. 

Earlier this month, Peterson was charged in federal court with one count of wire fraud for using campaign and party monies on personal expenses. 

These personal expenses include gambling and partying. 

Peterson took to Twitter to address these charges. 

For anybody who knows how corrupt Black Lives Matter is, this will not come as a shock. 

The truth is Black Lives Matter is a Marxist organization that takes advantage of bleeding-heart liberals whenever a major election rolls around. 

They are run by dangerous, selfish people who do not care about black lives, but rather only their own lives. 

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