The political establishment just promised to boot these America First Republicans from office in 2024

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Joe Biden and RINO Republicans have made it clear that they won’t tolerate populism in the United States.

But America First members of Congress see it differently and continue to push back on the establishment.

And the political establishment just promised to boot these America First Republicans from office in 2024.

Mission Democracy calls political opponents fascists

Mission Democracy is the latest effort by RINO Republicans and the radical Left to take down any lawmakers who stand for the American people and the freedom that they love. The group was founded by a variety of former politicians and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C.

Among the founders, Olivia Troye served as Homeland Security Advisor to Mike Pence during the Trump administration. Denver Riggleman and Marcus Flowers are former Congressmen and Mathew Littman is a former speechwriter for Biden. They say that the group’s purpose is to educate people on the dangers of MAGA candidates.

They recently released an ad called Blackshirts. In the ad, the group addressed the GOP interest in putting strong regulations on abortion. They described Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert, Jim Jordan, and Paul Gosar as fascists for their pro-life agenda.

They truly believe that they are moral saviors, and no one should differ in opinion from them.

The group hopes to educate the public so they know they are “actually damaging our nation”

In a recent press release, Troy stated that “this is a public education campaign” to address the issue that “some vote for MAGA candidates because they think they are ‘shaking things up’ to make our country better.” Troy believes that these people are unwittingly hurting our country.

She said MAGA voters “are actually damaging our nation by electing individuals who cannot get anything done for local districts because they are too busy causing chaos,” before adding that this is a “smoke screen for promoting extremist policies aimed at removing the rights” of people who disagree with them.

Biden and his cohorts in government have been working hard to reinforce the idea that “MAGA Republicans” are a threat to “our Democracy,” when in fact they just have different positions on the issues. The term MAGA Republican is nothing more than a smear for anyone who supports Trump.

Establishment politicians are on a warpath to push the people away from voting for Trump-like candidates.

Former Freedom Caucus member says the caucus will weaken “our democracy” with conspiracy theories

Marcus Flowers recently lost his race against MAGA favorite Marjorie Taylor Greene. He said lawmakers like Greene “play on people’s emotions to win” and “act like they are regular folks,” but in reality “would not be caught dead dining with anyone wearing a red hat.”

Former Congressman Riggleman was once part of the Freedom Caucus, but he now believes that was a bad move. “I hoped when I joined the Freedom Caucus that discussions encouraging freedom of thought and expansive views…would be foremost on their agenda.” 

Riggleman went on to imply that Freedom Caucus members “have a view of America that is narrow and based on a cult of personality rather than policy.” He said that the group has “no appreciation or respect for institutions of our government” and accused them of spreading “conspiratorial lies.”

This group is making aggressive moves, and according to Riggleman, they truly believe that so-called MAGA Republicans will “weaken our democracy and embolden our enemies.” 

It might  sound like Mission Democracy is seeking to stomp out political dissidents – because that’s exactly what the group is designed to do.

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