The Republican establishment is fuming and they just might help Democrats win in this critical swing state

They aren’t that petty, or are they?

After not getting their way, like spoiled children the Republican establishment may just pick up their toys and go home . . . 

All while allowing radical Democrats to run roughshod over this critical swing state.

Establishment candidates lose at Michigan GOP Convention

Earlier this year, Trump supporters and conservative grassroots activists stormed the Michigan Republican Party Nominating Convention to determine who would challenge the incumbent Democrat Attorney General and Secretary of State, both of whom are radical leftists.

Both Attorney General Dana Nessel and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson have abused their power to go after their political enemies and protect their political friends like Governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Both have also been rebuked by the courts in clear cases where they abused their authority and broke the law while trying to advance their radical agendas, such as when Benson and Nessel attempted to create new authority out of thin air to ban law-abiding citizens from open carrying a handgun in a polling place. 

The Courts quickly smacked down their move.

So there is all the reason for Republicans of all stripes to unite behind their candidates and do all that they can to see these leftist Democrats booted from office.

But the Republican establishment didn’t get their choice candidates nominated at the convention this year, getting out-maneuvered by the grassroots who successfully nominated Trump-endorsed candidates for both Attorney General (Matt DePerno) and Kristina Karamo (Secretary of State).

And now media reports are suggesting that Republican megadonors may just keep their money out of these races. 

Are they insane?

The Democrat statewide trio of Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Attorney General Dana Nessel, and Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson have run roughshod over the rule of law and the taxpayers of Michigan.

Their policies have destroyed small businesses, expanded the power of government, further eroded trust in our political system, led to higher rates of crime and joblessness, yet these Republican megadonors think this is a good time to stay out of these races because their candidate didn’t win.

Boo hoo. 

This isn’t the first time…

Sadly, this wouldn’t be the first time that the Republican establishment has abandoned conservative candidates as a means to teach the grassroots a lesson.

In fact, many Republican megadonors tried to do this to President Trump back in 2016.

Every election year, conservatives are expected to get behind every RINO candidate and are chastened if they dare question the logic and wisdom of the Republican establishment in nominating moderate candidates to higher offices.

Yet when conservatives outflank the establishment, the establishment willingly lets these candidates lose, or even sometimes publicly supports their Democrat opponents.

Conservatives must step up, establishment must get on the team

The sad fact is that quite often conservative candidates are less prolific fundraisers because quite often it is the Republican establishment that has all the big money.

But there are donors out there who are looking to fund winning conservative campaigns, but conservative candidates have to actually work for it. 

It’s not enough just to be endorsed by Trump or some other big wig politician. 

But these candidates must actually put in the work to raise the money.

Far too often conservative candidates help give the establishment the excuse by failing to actually raise the money needed to be competitive in the general election on their own. 

And in this crucial election year with so much at stake, it is incumbent on the political establishment to throw their support behind conservatives, even if they aren’t their choice candidate, to make sure that the Democrats’ who have helped destroy this nation are taken out of power this November.

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