The Republican Governor of Tennessee just gave the gun grabbers a major victory

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The Democrats have been trying to ban guns for longer than most people can remember. 

They use tragic events to galvanize their base and gain support in the fight against the Second Amendment.

And now the Republican Governor of Tennessee just gave the gun grabbers a major victory.

RINOs call for red flag laws in the wake of the Covenant School shooting

It’s to be expected that as soon as any mass shooting happens, the Democrats will push with all their might to pass more stringent gun laws. The opposite should normally be true for conservatives. Generally, any kind of violence results in a stronger stance for self-defense from Republicans.

The recent attack on the Covenant School seems to have flipped this issue for some Republicans and forced them to show their true colors. The shooter was a troubled young woman who identified as a transgender man— which led some to consider the mental health connection with the event.

Now Republicans are calling for red flag laws to take guns away from “dangerous people.” These RINOs are focusing on the mental stability of the Covenant shooter and saying that she should have been identified sooner.

It wasn’t long before the Republican Governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, made his stance known.

Governor Lee signs executive order to enhance “protective procedures”

“When there is a clear need for action, I think that we have an obligation to remind people that we should set aside politics and pride and accomplish something that the people of Tennessee want to get accomplished,” Governor Lee stated in a press conference Tuesday.

He made the remarks when announcing Executive Order 100, entitled “An order enhancing protective procedures for the purchase of firearms.” The order means that the state will begin to implement a new state system for “conducting background checks for proposed sales of firearms.”

The order will take effect immediately and would require “all entities with obligations” to “ensure all relevant information is either entered into TICS (Tennessee Instant Check System) or provided to the TBI (Tennessee Bureau of Investigation) within 72 hours of an entity’s receipt of the information.”

He further ordered the TBI to “review TICS to determine how the process for submitting information to TICS may be improved.” He told TBI that they must present their report to “the Governor and Speakers of the Senate and the House of Representatives” in no more than 60 days.

But Governor Lee didn’t stop at signing this Executive Order.

Tennessee General Assembly should explore ”strong order of protection law”

Lee also called on the state legislature to explore new laws that would let members of the community request action by the state against other citizens. He says that he believes this will help the state to “move forward” and protect innocent people in the future.

“I’m asking the General Assembly to bring forward an order of protection law. A new, strong order of protection law will provide the broader population cover, safety, from those who are a danger to themselves or the population,” Lee told The Tennessean.

Critics say this is nothing more than a red flag law and that it would not have prevented the actions at the Covenant School in March. Many argue that the lack of criminal background or psychological evaluation means that she would have still acted in violence.

Red flag laws are the first step toward gun confiscation and are seen as a dire warning to the Second Amendment.

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