The RNC just did something that has Alaska and Maine scratching their chins

Despite their failing policies, extreme ideas and radical behavior, there are some things Democrats have long been better at than Republicans.

One of those things is creating creative new ways to win or keep power.

But the Republican National Committee just made a stand against this Democrat scheme that has two states wondering if they should follow suit.

How America elects public servants

In most states, individual parties use a primary system to select their preferred nominee.

Those nominees then face off in a general election, where whomever gets the plurality of the vote takes the victory.

A few states combine all parties into one “Jungle Primary,” and if no candidate receives more than 50%, the top two vote-getters – regardless of party – go head-to-head in a runoff.

Both of those election processes have worked well for America throughout our country’s history.

However, a new Democrat scheme that has spread to a handful of places has been hatched to rob Republicans of representation.

The idea behind Ranked Choice Voting (RCV), according to its supporters, is to end with a candidate that receives a majority of votes, not just a plurality.

The Jungle Primary/Run-off combo already does that – but RCV advocates don’t seem to care.

RCV is gaining momentum nationwide

RCV is a scheme created by the Left to elect more extreme Democrats and RINO Republicans. 

Currently, Maine and Alaska are the only states to implement the election gimmick. 

However, RCV legislation has been proposed and is being considered by lawmakers in 14 states. 

The list includes a mix of red, blue and purple states, including: Connecticut, Virginia, Oklahoma, Montana, Maryland, and more. 

But the GOP is starting to wake up to the Left’s effort to change how America votes. 

At the busy Republican National Committee meeting in January, members voted on the committee’s stance on RCV. 

In one of the lone acts of solidarity at the RNC meeting, members unanimously voted to reject RCV in U.S. elections.

Now, many on the Right, including The Federalist’s Shawn Fleetwood, are urging Alaska and Maine to join the RNC in just saying “no” to RCV. 

“State legislatures across the country would be wise to follow the RNC’s lead in rejecting the use of RCV,” Fleetwood wrote. “With its multiple rounds of counting and confusing methodology, the RCV system will almost assuredly end in disaster. Just ask Alameda County, California.”

Alameda County adopted RCV and it resulted in a mess in the 2022 Midterms. 

After two-months of vote tabulations, the county finally declared race winners. 

They then had to recant and admit they miscounted – and the error flipped an election. 

A petition is making the rounds in Alaska in an effort to put an initiative on the state’s 2024 election to remove RCV. 

RINO Sen. Lisa Murkowski was largely responsible for putting the Left’s favorite voting system in place in the Last Frontier. 

RCV worked out nicely for Murkowski, but caused chaos for other Republicans in the state – including Sarah Palin. 

Do you support Ranked Choice Voting election systems?