The Supreme Court made a shocking revelation about the identity of a leaker

Back in May, a leaker upended the Supreme Court by revealing a draft opinion striking down Roe v. Wade.

An investigation ensued.

And now the Supreme Court made a shocking revelation about the identity of a leaker.

Smear campaigns target this conservative Justice

Pro-abortion activist Reverend Rob Schenck wrote a letter to Chief Justice John Roberts this past October as part of the investigation into who leaked the opinion overturning Roe v. Wade.

Schenck tried to implicate conservative Justice Samuel Alito – the author of the opinion reversing Roe – in another leak involving the 2014 Hobby Lobby decision, which served as a win for religious liberty.

In his letter to Chief Justice Roberts, Schenck claimed that Alito told an activist by the name of Gayle Wright during a dinner party at Alito’s home that the Court would rule in Hobby Lobby’s favor.

“Back in June 2014, when so many awaited the Court’s opinion in Burwell Hobby Lobby, was informed by a donor to the Capitol Hill-based non-profit organization that she and her husband would be dining at the home of Justice and Mrs. Alito. She suggested that in their table conversation, she might be able to learn the status of the case, something she knew had an interest in knowing. I received a follow -up message from her notifying me she had indeed obtained the information during that visit. We spoke on the phone, and she detailed the revelation. As recall, we talked about the Green family, owners of Hobby Lobby, and how they, too, would be interested in this information,” Schenck wrote.

Schenck added that he passed the information along to the Hobby Lobby CEO.

“Over the ensuing three weeks, I kept this sensitive information to myself, undetectably using it to assist me in preparing for the inevitable announcement. Then, a day or two before the opinion was released, I called Mr. Steve Green, CEO of Hobby Lobby, and reported what I knew of the Court’s finding. He thanked me, and we did not speak again about it until October of that year,” Schenck added.

Even the corporate-controlled press can see through this one

In their reporting on it, the New York Times even admitted that there were “gaps” in Schenck’s story.

Justice Alito denied the allegations in the strongest terms possible.

And Supreme Court attorney Ethan Torrey released a statement rejecting these allegations and stating in no uncertain terms that Justice Alito did not violate any Court ethics standards.

“There is nothing to suggest that Justice Alito’s actions violated ethics standards. Relevant rules balance preventing gifts that might undermine public confidence in the judiciary and allowing judges to maintain normal personal friendships,” Torrey stated.

Are leftists trying to destroy the Supreme Court?