The US Navy saw the writing on the wall and made an abrupt turn to avoid a culture war battle

Photo byAntonio Garcia Prats from Pexels

Since June is Pride Month, every woke organization is pushing the LGBTQ agenda on the public.

Under Joe Biden’s control, the military also started pushing this radical ideology. 

But the US Navy saw the writing on the wall and made an abrupt turn to avoid a culture war battle.

Navy removes Pride banner from its social media pages

After just one day, the Navy has removed its Pride-themed profile banners on social media.

The US military branch posted the logos on June 1 to welcome in the LGBTQ Pride Month, but removed them on June 2. The images depicted Navy ships and a jet with the Pride colors.

End Wokeness, a conservative social media account that boasts 1.2 million followers on Twitter, shared the news in a tweet that went viral over the weekend. “The @USNavy quietly removed their LGBTQ+ Pride banner,” they wrote, declaring a culture war victory.

While some people celebrated the moment, another user pointed out that the Navy had also just published a new post on their page. He told people to check out the latest tweet from the Navy and warned that it’s “not the win you think.”

The US Navy had just shared a press statement with the hashtag #PrideMonth.

Navy celebrates a “wave of societal transformation” that resulted in “freedom” for the LGBTQ

In the statement, the Secretary of the Navy said the branch will be joining “the Nation in celebrating Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) Pride Month during the month of June.” They said that the “Peace, Love, Revolution” theme is pointing to a new era.

The Navy said that we are in a time that is a result of a “wave of societal transformation” that resulted in the “freedom and inherent pride” for the LGBTQ community. They said due to the efforts of this community, the Navy treats everyone with “dignity, respect, and equal opportunity.”

The Secretary finished the statement by encouraging the reader to “learn more about the cultural heritage and contributions of the LGBTQI+ community to our Nation.” It included a link to a page highlighting the history of the community in the Navy.

Chip Roy goes after Pride marketing budget and Gaetz takes down “child friendly” drag shows

Reports have indicated that there’s an enormous amount of pressure by lawmakers to stop the military from focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Republican Chip Roy sent a letter to the Defense Secretary requesting information about Pride activities. 

Roy told Fox News Digital that the military has hit a “historic recruiting crisis.” He added that our military is being laughed at by our “enemies around the world.” He said “the military’s purpose is to defend America and her interests, not to use taxpayer money to advance woke ideology.”

The DOD recently canceled a drag show at Nellis Air Force Base that was marketed as “child friendly.” This followed a letter sent by Matt Gaetz to the Defense Secretary “demanding immediate answers” for why this was still happening at US military bases.

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